Yun Gao

According to our database1, Yun Gao authored at least 93 papers between 1998 and 2020.

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FEM Simulation-Based Generative Adversarial Networks to Detect Bearing Faults.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Informatics, 2020

The Ability of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence From OCO-2 and MODIS-EVI to Monitor Spatial Variations of Soybean and Maize Yields in the Midwestern USA.
Remote. Sens., 2020

Personalized QoE Improvement for Networking Video Service.
IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., 2020

On the algebraic structure of quasi-cyclic codes of index $1\frac {1}{2}$.
Cryptogr. Commun., 2020

Federated Quantile Regression over Networks.
Proceedings of the 16th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2020

Deep-broad Learning System for Traffic Flow Prediction toward 5G Cellular Wireless Network.
Proceedings of the 16th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2020

GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrieval Based on a XGboost Machine Learning Aided Method: Performance and Validation.
Remote. Sens., 2019

Intrusion Detection Based on Stacked Autoencoder for Connected Healthcare Systems.
IEEE Netw., 2019

The dual code of any (δ+αu2)-constacyclic code over F2m[u]∕〈u4〉 of oddly even length.
Discret. Math., 2019

Type 2 constacyclic codes over F2m[u]∕〈u3〉 of oddly even length.
Discret. Math., 2019

An End-to-end Approach for Lexical Stress Detection based on Transformer.
CoRR, 2019

Quantum codes from cyclic codes over the ring 𝔽<sub>q</sub> + v<sub>1</sub>𝔽<sub>q</sub> + ⋯ + v<sub>r</sub> 𝔽<sub>q</sub>.
Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput., 2019

TUA1 at the TREC 2019: Deep Learning Track.
Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Text REtrieval Conference, 2019

Sliding mode control of PMSM based on novel convergence reaching law.
Proceedings of the Conference on Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems, 2019

Visual Object Tracking via an Improved Lightweight Siamese Network.
Proceedings of the Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision - Second Chinese Conference, 2019

Two-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructure Tunneling Photodiodes on Silicon Nitride Waveguides.
Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, 2019

XDF-REPA: A Densely Labeled Dataset toward Refined Pronunciation Assessment for English Learning.
Proceedings of the 22nd Conference of the Oriental COCOSDA International Committee for the Co-ordination and Standardisation of Speech Databases and Assessment Techniques, 2019

A Load Balancing Strategy based on Request Queue for P2P-VoD System.
Proceedings of the 15th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference, 2019

An Attention-Mechanism-Based Traffic Flow Prediction Scheme for Smart City.
Proceedings of the 15th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference, 2019

IPTV User QoE Prediction based on Broad Learning System.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China, 2019

Traffic Prediction Based on Ensemble Machine Learning Strategies with Bagging and LightGBM.
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops, 2019

A Deep Learning Framework with Spatial-Temporal Attention Mechanism for Cellular Traffic Prediction.
Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE Globecom Workshops, Waikoloa, HI, USA, December 9-13, 2019, 2019

Under the Background of Internet +, the Practical Research of Mobile Learning Model in Vocational Practice Teaching Guidance.
Proceedings of the Data Processing Techniques and Applications for Cyber-Physical Systems, 2019

QoE in multimedia domain: a user-centric quality assessment.
Int. J. Multim. Intell. Secur., 2018

Self-Dual Cyclic Codes over Z<sub>4</sub>[u]/<u<sup>2</sup>-1> and Their Applications of Z<sub>4</sub>-Self-Dual Codes Construction.
IEICE Trans. Fundam. Electron. Commun. Comput. Sci., 2018

Data-driven QoE prediction for IPTV service.
Comput. Commun., 2018

ℤ<sub>2</sub>ℤ<sub>2</sub>ℤ<sub>4</sub>-additive cyclic codes.
Adv. Math. Commun., 2018

A Combinational LDA-Based Topic Model for User Interest Inference of Energy Efficient IPTV Service in Smart Building.
IEEE Access, 2018

QoE Prediction for IPTV Based on Imbalanced Dataset by the PNN-PSO algorithm.
Proceedings of the 14th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference, 2018

Collaborative Filtering Model Based on Time Context for IPTV Live Recommendation.
Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computing, 2018

Mining IPTV User Behaviors with an Enhanced LDA Model.
Proceedings of the IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2018

Base Station Traffic Prediction based on STL-LSTM Networks.
Proceedings of the 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, 2018

An Integrated Model for Traffic Flow Prediction based on the Wavelet Transform.
Proceedings of the 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, 2018

Security Threats to Hadoop: Data Leakage Attacks and Investigation.
IEEE Netw., 2017

Modeling and Simulation of Scheduling Medical Materials Using Graph Model for Complex Rescue.
J. Inf. Process. Syst., 2017

1-Generator quasi-cyclic and generalized quasi-cyclic codes over the ring ℤ<sub>4</sub>[u]/〈u<sup>2</sup>-1〉.
Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput., 2017

Some classes of linear codes over ℤ<sub>4</sub>+vℤ<sub>4</sub> and their applications to construct good and new ℤ<sub>4</sub>-linear codes.
Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput., 2017

QoE prediction for IPTV based on BP_adaboost neural networks.
Proceedings of the 13th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2017

Correlation Filters Tracker Based on Two-Level Filtering Edge Feature.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - Second CCF Chinese Conference, 2017

A new trace bilinear form on cyclic $\mathbb{F}_q$-linear $\mathbb{F}_{q^t}$-codes.
CoRR, 2016

An efficient graph data processing system for large-scale social network service applications.
Concurr. Comput. Pract. Exp., 2016

Optimal periphery deployment of wireless base stations in swine facilities for 1-coverage.
Comput. Electron. Agric., 2016

Omnidirectional thermal anemometer for low airspeed and multi-point measurement applications.
Comput. Electron. Agric., 2016

Reducing the Communication Costs of Graph Analysis by Read-Only Replicas and Prioritized Execution.
Proceedings of the 18th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; 14th IEEE International Conference on Smart City; 2nd IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Systems, 2016

Violation vehicle automated snap and road congestion detection.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems, 2016

Adaptive Energy-Efficient Data Acquisition Algorithm in Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network.
Proceedings of the Theory, Methodology, Tools and Applications for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems, 2016

Enhanced fast compressive tracking based on adaptive measurement matrix.
IET Comput. Vis., 2015

Repeated root cyclic 𝔽<sub>q</sub>-linear codes over 𝔽<sub>q<sup>l</sup></sub>.
Finite Fields Their Appl., 2015

On the arithmetic of the endomorphism ring End(ℤ<sub>p</sub>[x]<sub>/⟨̅f(x)⟩</sub> × ℤ<sub>p<sup>2</sup></sub>[x]<sub>/⟨f(x)⟩</sub>).
Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput., 2015

Moving cast shadow resistant for foreground segmentation based on shadow properties analysis.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Machine Vision, 2015

A Distributed Graph Data Storage and Computing Framework.
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 2015

The Influence of Social Capital in an Online Community on Online Review Quality in China.
Proceedings of the 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2015

Haddle: A Framework for Investigating Data Leakage Attacks in Hadoop.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 2015

An evaluation and analysis of graph processing frameworks on five key issues.
Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, 2015

Compressive Tracking Based on Particle Filter.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - CCF Chinese Conference, 2015

A new neural network for solving quadratic programming problems with equality and inequality constraints.
Math. Comput. Simul., 2014

Vulnerability of Networks and Existence of Fractional Factor Avoiding Certain Channels and Sites.
J. Comput., 2014

Some Results on Linear Codes over ℤ<sub>4</sub>+vℤ<sub>4</sub>.
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Online Anomaly Detection by Improved Grammar Compression of Log Sequences.
Proceedings of the 2014 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2014

Marbor: A novel large-scale graph data storage and processing framework.
Proceedings of the IEEE 33rd International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, 2014

PADM: Page Rank-Based Anomaly Detection Method of Log Sequences by Graph Computing.
Proceedings of the IEEE 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, 2014

Guaranteed Cost Fault-tolerant Control of Networked Control Systems with Short Output Delay and Short Control Delay Based on State Observer.
J. Networks, 2013

Numerical solution of Burgers' equation by lattice Boltzmann method.
Appl. Math. Comput., 2013

Strong and weak stability of bipartite ranking algorithms.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Digital Image Processing, 2013

Magicube: High Reliability and Low Redundancy Storage Architecture for Cloud Computing.
Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on Networking, 2012

An overview of newly open-source cloud storage platforms.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, 2012

Comparison of open-source cloud management platforms: OpenStack and OpenNebula.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, 2012

A new neural network for solving nonlinear convex programs with linear constraints.
Neurocomputing, 2011

A New Neural Network for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems.
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A New Background Subtraction Method Using Texture and Color Information.
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Improving Search Ability of Genetic Learning Process for High-Dimensional Fuzzy Classification Problems.
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The Impulsive Control of the Projective Synchronization in the Drive-Response Dynamical Networks with Coupling Delay.
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Discriminate of Moldy Chestnut Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Feature Extraction by Fourier Transform.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV, 2010

Measurement of Chili Pepper Plants Size Based on Mathematical Morphology.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture IV, 2010

A Teaching Schema for Multi-core Programming.
Proceedings of the CSEDU 2010 - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Valencia, Spain, April 7-10, 2010, 2010

An improved tracking algorithm in crowded scenes and dynamic background.
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Estimating the Entropy of Binary Time Series: Methodology, Some Theory and a Simulation Study.
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Bayesian Population Decoding of Motor Cortical Activity Using a Kalman Filter.
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From the Entropy to the Statistical Structure of Spike Trains.
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Hill Climbing-Based Decentralized Job Scheduling on Computational Grids.
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Content-Based Image Retrieval for Digital Forensics.
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Automatically Creating Realistic Targets for Digital Forensics Investigation.
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