Xiaopeng Ji

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According to our database1, Xiaopeng Ji authored at least 43 papers between 2006 and 2024.

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An automatic method using MFCC features for sleep stage classification.
Brain Informatics, December, 2024

Optimal Position Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Relay-Assisted Covert Communication Based on Active Countermeasures.
IEEE Syst. J., March, 2024

Optimization of Covert Communication in Multi-Sensor Asymmetric Noise Systems.
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Secure User Pairing and Power Allocation for Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access against External Eavesdropping.
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Strategic UAV-Assisted Game Model for Detection in Covert Communication.
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Robust Adaptive Ensemble Adversary Reinforcement Learning.
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GSC Loss: A Gaussian Score Calibrating Loss for Deep Learning.
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Dynamic channel allocation strategy for quality of service enhancement in wireless ad hoc networks.
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Reconstructing Hand-Held Objects from Monocular Video.
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QuickPose: Real-time Multi-view Multi-person Pose Estimation in Crowded Scenes.
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Using Insider Swapping of Time Intervals to Perform Highly Invisible Network Flow Watermarking.
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A novel fault-tolerant control for battery-energy-storage system based on cascaded multilevel converter with battery/BMS failure.
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