Xiaoxia Liu

According to our database1, Xiaoxia Liu authored at least 42 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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Design of Attack and Defense Framework for 1553B-based Integrated Electronic Systems.
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Multiplicative Noise Removal: Nonlocal Low-Rank Model and Its Proximal Alternating Reweighted Minimization Algorithm.
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A Lightweight and Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Integrated Electronic Systems.
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Study on No-Wait Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling with Multi-objective.
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Dynamic Scheduling of Dual-Resource Constrained Blocking Job Shop.
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Development of nanometer wave-absorbing materials.
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Study on Multi-objective Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling.
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Neural network modeling of polar fleece fabric appearance evaluation.
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SoftAccel: A Software-Only IP Network Application Accelerator.
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Extracting historical terms based on aligned Chinese-English parallel corpora.
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