Shuang Zhao

According to our database1, Shuang Zhao authored at least 93 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Nonlinear Changes in Dryland Vegetation Greenness over East Inner Mongolia, China, in Recent Years from Satellite Time Series.
Sensors, 2020

GroupSeeker: An Applicable Framework for Travel Companion Discovery from Vast Trajectory Data.
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PSENet: Psoriasis Severity Evaluation Network.
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A differential theory of radiative transfer.
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Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Power Systems in Response to Variability of Offshore Wind Power Plants.
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Accurate Multiple Ocean Bottom Seismometer Positioning in Shallow Water Using GNSS/Acoustic Technique.
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Identifying Known and Unknown Mobile Application Traffic Using a Multilevel Classifier.
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The Application of Deep Learning in the Risk Grading of Skin Tumors for Patients Using Clinical Images.
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Forward and backward extended Prony method for complex exponential signals with/without additive noise.
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On the Optical Accuracy of the Salvator Mundi.
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A Bayesian Inference Framework for Procedural Material Parameter Estimation.
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News Cover Assessment via Multi-task Learning.
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Mechanics-Aware Modeling of Cloth Appearance.
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Arc Fault Tolerance of Maximally Arc-Connected Networks Modeled By Digraphs.
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Studies on Different CNN Algorithms for Face Skin Disease Classification Based on Clinical Images.
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Investigating and Revealing Privacy Leaks in Mobile Application Traffic.
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DeepCG: Classifying Metamorphic Malware Through Deep Learning of Call Graphs.
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XiangyaDerm: A Clinical Image Dataset of Asian Race for Skin Disease Aided Diagnosis.
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Research on Software Quality Evaluation Method Based on Process Evaluation and Test Results.
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iMonitor, An APP-Level Traffic Monitoring and Labeling System for iOS Devices.
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Inverse Diffusion Curves Using Shape Optimization.
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Position-free monte carlo simulation for arbitrary layered BSDFs.
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Finding the Key Periods for Assimilating HJ-1A/B CCD Data and the WOFOST Model to Evaluate Heavy Metal Stress in Rice.
Sensors, 2018

Exploiting Proximity-Based Mobile Apps for Large-Scale Location Privacy Probing.
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FEMOS: Fog-Enabled Multitier Operations Scheduling in Dynamic Wireless Networks.
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DEBTS: Delay Energy Balanced Task Scheduling in Homogeneous Fog Networks.
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Global forcing number for maximal matchings.
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Inverse Transport Networks.
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Smartphone Application Identification by Convolutional Neural Network.
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Constant Modulus Codebook Design for SCMA System.
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A Low Complexity Reliability-Aware Based Expectation Propagation Algorithm for Uplink SCMA Systems.
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Estimating FAPAR of Rice Growth Period Using Radiation Transfer Model Coupled with the WOFOST Model for Analyzing Heavy Metal Stress.
Remote. Sens., 2017

Response of Grassland Degradation to Drought at Different Time-Scales in Qinghai Province: Spatio-Temporal Characteristics, Correlation, and Implications.
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Research on precision marketing data source system based on big data.
IJAMC, 2017

Efficient Iterative Frequency Estimator of Sinusoidal Signal in Noise.
Circuits Syst. Signal Process., 2017

Ue-Assisted Mobility Management over Sdn1.
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Real-Time Linear BRDF MIP-Mapping.
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Fiber-Level On-the-Fly Procedural Textiles.
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3D model dynamic cutting technology based on game engine.
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Downsampling scattering parameters for rendering anisotropic media.
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Fitting procedural yarn models for realistic cloth rendering.
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Parameter Estimation of LFM Signal Based on Bayesian Compressive Sensing via Fractional Fourier Transform.
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A Modified Regularized Adaptive Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Linear Frequency Modulated Signal Detection Based on Compressive Sensing.
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Research on dynamic trust model based on recommendation trust iteration.
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Forcing polynomials of benzenoid parallelogram and its related benzenoids.
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UE assisted mobility management based on SDN.
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I Know Where You All Are! Exploiting Mobile Social Apps for Large-Scale Location Privacy Probing.
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Matching Real Fabrics with Micro-Appearance Models.
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Water Environment Prediction and Evaluation on Reservoir Dredging and Source Conservation Project - Case Study of Duihekou Reservoir.
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Discussion on Water Source Reservoir Dredging Effects on Water Quality - Case Study of Duihekou Reservoir.
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High-order similarity relations in radiative transfer.
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Building volumetric appearance models of fabric using micro CT imaging.
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MIGDroid: Detecting APP-Repackaging Android malware via method invocation graph.
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Modular flux transfer: efficient rendering of high-resolution volumes with repeated structures.
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Memory size reduction for LDPC layered decoders.
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Single scattering in refractive media with triangle mesh boundaries.
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