Zhenming Yu

According to our database1, Zhenming Yu authored at least 16 papers between 2013 and 2023.

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Digital Residual Spectrum-Based Generalized Soft Failure Detection and Identification in Optical Networks.
IEEE Trans. Commun., 2023

Effect of cycling on ultra-thin HfZrO<sub>4</sub>, ferroelectric synaptic weights.
Neuromorph. Comput. Eng., 2022

Semantic optical fiber communication system.
CoRR, 2022

Autonomous and Generalized Soft Failure Detection based on Digital Residual Spectrum in Optical Networks.
Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, 2022

Experimental Demonstration of Soft Failure Identification Based on Digital Residual Spectrum and Machine Learning.
Proceedings of the International Conference on UK-China Emerging Technologies, 2021

Generalized Soft Failure Identification enabled by Digital Residual Spectrum and Autoencoder.
Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, 2021

Error-Feedback Noise Shaping for Low-Resolution High-Speed IM/DD and Coherent Transmission Systems.
Proceedings of the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition, 2021

Self-supervised Neural Networks for Spectral Snapshot Compressive Imaging.
Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision, 2021

High-Conductance, Ohmic-like HfZrO4 Ferroelectric Memristor.
Proceedings of the 51st IEEE European Solid-State Device Research Conference, 2021

Low-light Image Enhancement based on Joint Decomposition and Denoising U-Net Network.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Processing with Applications, 2020

Self Calibration of Wide Dynamic Range Bias Current Generators.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2020

Functional-Link Neural Network for Nonlinear Equalizer in Coherent Optical Fiber Communications.
IEEE Access, 2019

High-speed real-time single-pixel microscopy based on Fourier sampling.
CoRR, 2016

Experimental demonstration of channel estimation using image processing in optical direct-detection OFDM.
Proceedings of the 25th Wireless and Optical Communication Conference, 2016

Corner Detection Algorithm with Improved Harris.
Proceedings of the Advances in Image and Graphics Technologies - 10th Chinese Conference, 2015

Experimental demonstration of polarization demultiplexing in stokes space for coherent optical PDM-OFDM.
Proceedings of the 2013 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFC/NFOEC), 2013