Zhixiao Wang

According to our database1, Zhixiao Wang authored at least 26 papers between 1989 and 2019.

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Semi-supervised tri-Adaboost algorithm for network intrusion detection.
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A reversed node ranking approach for influence maximization in social networks.
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Tracking the evolution of overlapping communities in dynamic social networks.
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Sparse High-Noise GPS Trajectory Data Compression and Recovery Based on Compressed Sensing.
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Coupled Node Similarity Learning for Community Detection in Attributed Networks.
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Secure APIT Localization Scheme Against Sybil Attacks in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks.
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A Road Quality Detection Method Based on the Mahalanobis-Taguchi System.
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UIContextListRank: A Listwise Recommendation Model with Social Contextual Information.
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An improved redundant dictionary based on sparse representation for face recognition.
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Community Number Estimation for Community Detection in Complex Networks.
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Ranking influential nodes in social networks based on node position and neighborhood.
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Indoor localization based on subarea division with fuzzy C-means.
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A Hybrid WSN Routing Protocol Based on the Average Degree of Neighborhood.
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Optimal Scheme of Retinal Image Enhancement Using Curvelet Transform and Quantum Genetic Algorithm.
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An Advanced RFID Localization Algorithm Based on Region Division and Error Compensation.
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A Multiple Interfaces and Multiple Services Residential Gateway Scheme.
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A Localization and Tracking Approach with Sparse Reference Tags.
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A Clustering-Ensemble Approach Based on Voting.
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Space Edge Detection Based SVM Algorithm.
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A Hierarchical Authentication Scheme for the Different Radio Ranges Sensor Networks.
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