Chen Peng

According to our database1, Chen Peng authored at least 69 papers between 1994 and 2021.

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Prescribed-time convergent and noise-tolerant Z-type neural dynamics for calculating time-dependent quadratic programming.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2021

Diversified Semantic Attention Model for Fine-Grained Entity Typing.
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Unauthorized Broadcasting Identification: A Deep LSTM Recurrent Learning Approach.
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Capsule Network Based Modeling of Multi-omics Data for Discovery of Breast Cancer-Related Genes.
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Deep shape constrained network for robust face alignment.
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Event-triggered control of cyber-physical systems under asynchronous denial of service attacks.
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Event-triggered finite-time <i>H</i><sub>∞</sub> filtering for networked systems under deception attacks.
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Optimization of self-consistent approach for quantum cascade laser using shooting method and particle swarm optimization.
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Collaboration of human pickers and crop-transporting robots during harvesting - Part I: Model and simulator development.
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Collaboration of human pickers and crop-transporting robots during harvesting - Part II: Simulator evaluation and robot-scheduling case-study.
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Deterministic predictive dynamic scheduling for crop-transport co-robots acting as harvesting aids.
Comput. Electron. Agric., 2020

Peng-Type ZNN Model Attempted for Online Diagonalization of Time-Varying Symmetric Matrix.
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Advanced Computational Intelligence, 2020

Network Based Speed Synchronization Control in the Brush DC Motors Via LQR and Multi-agent Consensus Scheme.
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A New Hybrid Excitation Permanent Magnet Machine With an Independent AC Excitation Port.
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Research on EMG segmentation algorithm and walking analysis based on signal envelope and integral electrical signal.
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Word-character attention model for Chinese text classification.
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Research on feature extraction algorithm for plantar pressure image and gait analysis in stroke patients.
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Data-driven retrieval of spray details with random forest-based distance.
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Distributed fault diagnosis of networked dynamical systems with time-varying topology.
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Predicting post-stroke pneumonia using deep neural network approaches.
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Networked H∞ filtering under a weighted TOD protocol.
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Blind Modulation Classification under Non-Gaussian Noise via Radio Frequency Analytics.
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Agent-based consensus on speed in the network-coupled DC motors.
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Urban Built-Up Area Extraction From Log- Transformed NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Composite Data.
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A 3D foot shape feature parameter measurement algorithm based on Kinect2.
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Optimization Design of Decentralized Control for Complex Decentralized Systems.
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Toward Human-in-the-Loop Supervisory Control for Cyber-Physical Networks.
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Discovery of Relationships Between Long Non-Coding RNAs and Genes in Human Diseases Based on Tensor Completion.
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Inferring event geolocation based on Twitter.
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Stochastic Stability of Evolutionary Prisoner's Dilemma.
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A Spiking Neural Dynamical Drift-Diffusion Model on Collective Decision Making with Self-Organized Criticality.
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A Heterogeneous Network Based Method for Identifying GBM-Related Genes by Integrating Multi-Dimensional Data.
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Ridesourcing Car Detection by Transfer Learning.
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Study on the Digital Art Presentation Based on Tri-colored Camel Carrying Musicians on the Back.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Video and Image Processing, 2017

Analysis of Artistic Language in the Virtual Reality Design.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Video and Image Processing, 2017

Ankle Active Rehabilitation Strategies Analysis Based on the Characteristics of Human and Robotic Integrated Biomechanics Simulation.
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Distributed fault diagnosis with shared-basis and B-splines-based matched learning.
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Improve Glioblastoma Multiforme Prognosis Prediction by Using Feature Selection and Multiple Kernel Learning.
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Heterogeneous network-based propagation algorithm for discovering bladder cancer-related genes.
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Epsilon-Constrained CCPSO with Different Improvement Detection Techniques for Large-Scale Constrained Optimization.
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Strong semistabilizability and partial semistabilizability with applications to semistabilization analysis of multi-layer networks.
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