Akira Sato

According to our database1, Akira Sato authored at least 45 papers between 1995 and 2020.

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Spread of IP Anycast and GSLB.
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Contact analysis on COVID-19 using a campus network: poster abstract.
Proceedings of the SenSys '20: The 18th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, 2020

Automatic Generation and Classification of Malicious FQDN.
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Chat-type Manzai application: mobile daily comedy presentations based on automatically generated manzai scenarios.
Proceedings of the MoMM '20: The 18th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 30, 2020

Cardinality Analysis to Classify Malicious Domain Names.
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ViBrism DB: an interactive search and viewer platform for 2D/3D anatomical images of gene expression and co-expression networks.
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Cache Effect of Shared DNS Resolver.
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KOTOBAKARI Study: Using Natural Language Processing of Patient Short Narratives to Detect Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment.
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Quick Cognitive Impairment Test for Cancer Patients Using Emotional Stroop Effect.
Proceedings of the MEDINFO 2019: Health and Wellbeing e-Networks for All, 2019

Spread of Anycast and GSLB.
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ABnews: A Fast Private Social Messaging System Using Untrusted Storage and Attribute-Based Encryption.
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Enhancing performance of cardinality analysis by packet filtering.
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Performance study of wavelet-based ECG analysis for ST-segment detection.
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Guiding auditory attention toward the subtle components in electrocardiography sonification.
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Editor's Message to Special Issue on Internet and Operation Technology Considering Overlay Network Technology.
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Observation and measurement in disaster areas using industrial use unmanned helicopters.
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Friend News System: A Modern Implementation of Usenet over Social VPNs.
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Wearable ECG Monitoring and Alerting System Associated with Smartphone: iHeart.
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Using Neural Networks for Forecasting of Commodity Time Series Trends.
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Development of wearable heart disease monitoring and alerting system associated with smartphone.
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A simple collaborative method in Web proxy access control for supporting complex authentication mechanisms.
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A distributed web browser as a platform for running collaborative applications.
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Collaboration by passing access rights for personal protected Web resources.
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An anti-spam scheme using capability-based access control.
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Cerebellar development transcriptome database (CDT-DB): Profiling of spatio-temporal gene expression during the postnatal development of mouse cerebellum.
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An Access Control Model for Web-Services That Supports Delegation and Creation of Authority.
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A 0.05�?0.05mm2 RFID Chip with Easily Scaled-Down ID-Memory.
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An SOI-Based 7.5µm-Thick 0.15x0.15mm2 RFID Chip.
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference, 2006

Improvement in Retention/Program Time Ratio of Direct Tunneling Memory (DTM) for Low Power SoC Applications.
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Deciphering the Genetic Blueprint of Cerebellar Development by the Gene Expression Profiling Informatics.
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Autonomous Flight Control System for Intelligent Aero-robot for Disaster Prevention.
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An impression-based retrieval system of music collection.
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