Arif Mahmood

According to our database1, Arif Mahmood authored at least 40 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Moving Object Detection in Complex Scene Using Spatiotemporal Structured-Sparse RPCA.
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Multi-focus image fusion using Content Adaptive Blurring.
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Spatiotemporal Low-Rank Modeling for Complex Scene Background Initialization.
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Using Temporal Covariance of Motion and Geometric Features via Boosting for Human Fall Detection.
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Dynamic workload patterns prediction for proactive auto-scaling of web applications.
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Palmprint Identification Using an Ensemble of Sparse Representations.
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Multi-Order Statistical Descriptors for Real-Time Face Recognition and Object Classification.
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A Voting-Based Encoding Technique for the Classification of Gleason Score for Prostate Cancers.
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Bag of visual words based approach for the classification of benign and malignant masses in mammograms using voting-based feature encoding.
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Using Geodesic Space Density Gradients for Network Community Detection.
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Improving security surveillance by hidden cameras.
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Robustness analysis of superpixel algorithms to image blur, additive Gaussian noise, and impulse noise.
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Illustrate It! An Arabic Multimedia Text-to-Picture m-Learning System.
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Constrained Metric Learning by Permutation Inducing Isometries.
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