Yuanfeng Zhou

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According to our database1, Yuanfeng Zhou authored at least 88 papers between 2005 and 2024.

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Tooth Alignment Network Based on Landmark Constraints and Hierarchical Graph Structure.
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An Adaptive Sample Assignment Network for Tiny Object Detection.
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iPUNet: Iterative Cross Field Guided Point Cloud Upsampling.
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VibHead: An Authentication Scheme for Smart Headsets through Vibration.
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3DTeethSeg'22: 3D Teeth Scan Segmentation and Labeling Challenge.
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Region-wise matching for image inpainting based on adaptive weighted low-rank decomposition.
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Constructing self-supporting surfaces with planar quadrilateral elements.
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TAD-Net: tooth axis detection network based on rotation transformation encoding.
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Dense representative tooth landmark/axis detection network on 3D model.
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