Christoph Zetzsche

According to our database1, Christoph Zetzsche authored at least 33 papers between 1989 and 2014.

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Active Sensorimotor Object Recognition in Three-Dimensional Space.
Proceedings of the Spatial Cognition IX, 2014

Spatial Numerosity: A Computational Model Based on a Topological Invariant.
Proceedings of the Spatial Cognition IX, 2014

Self-localization on texture statistics.
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Affordance-Based Object Recognition Using Interactions Obtained from a Utility Maximization Principle.
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Statistical Invariants of Spatial Form: From Local AND to Numerosity.
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Low-level global features for vision-based localizations.
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Is the user trained? Assessing performance and cognitive resource demands in the Virtusphere.
Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, 2013

Sensorimotor Representation of Space: Application in Autonomous Systems and in a Wayfinding Assistant for Alzheimer's Disease.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE/ACIS 11th International Conference on Computer and Information Science, Shanghai, China, May 30, 2012

Motion extrapolation of auditory-visual targets.
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A belief-based architecture for scene analysis: From sensorimotor features to knowledge and ontology.
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Efficient Wayfinding in Hierarchically Regionalized Spatial Environments.
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Learning the selectivity of V2 and V4 neurons using non-linear multi-layer wavelet networks.
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Nonlinear encoding in multilayer LNL systems optimized for the representation of natural images.
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A Hybrid Architecture for the Sensorimotor Exploration of Spatial Scenes.
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Visual representation of spatiotemporal structure.
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Endstopped operators based on iterated nonlinear center-surround inhibition.
Proceedings of the Human Vision and Electronic Imaging III, 1998

Exploitation of Natural Image Statistics by Biological Vision Systems: 1/f2 Power Spectra and Self-Similar Bandpass Decompositions.
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Feature-specific vector quantization of images.
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Nonlinear image operators for the evaluation of local intrinsic dimensionality.
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Image Encoding, Labeling, and Reconstruction from Differential Geometry.
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