Dali Wang

According to our database1, Dali Wang authored at least 91 papers between 2000 and 2021.

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Resiliency-based restoration optimization for dependent network systems against cascading failures.
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Autonomous nondestructive evaluation of resistance spot welded joints.
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Designing a parallel Feel-the-Way clustering algorithm on HPC systems.
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OpenGraphGym-MG: Using Reinforcement Learning to Solve Large Graph Optimization Problems on MultiGPU Systems.
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Predicting rifampicin resistance mutations in bacterial RNA polymerase subunit beta based on majority consensus.
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Geometrically Matched Multi-source Microscopic Image Synthesis Using Bidirectional Adversarial Networks.
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ElasticBroker: Combining HPC with Cloud to Provide Realtime Insights into Simulations.
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MineNav: An Expandable Synthetic Dataset Based on Minecraft for Aircraft Visual Navigation.
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Robotic Understanding of Spatial Relationships Using Neural-Logic Learning.
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Augmenting C. elegans Microscopic Dataset for Accelerated Pattern Recognition.
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Investigating Channel Pruning through Structural Redundancy Reduction - A Statistical Study.
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Speeding up convolutional networks pruning with coarse ranking.
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Cellular Structure Image Classification With Small Targeted Training Samples.
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Towards Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks Through Low-Error Filter Saliency Estimation.
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The research on meta-job scheduling heuristics in heterogeneous environments.
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Deep reinforcement learning of cell movement in the early stage of C.elegans embryogenesis.
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An Event Detection Framework for Virtual Observation System: Anomaly Identification for an ACME Land Simulation.
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Building a Virtual Ecosystem Dynamic Model for Root Research.
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Using interval type-2 fuzzy interpolation method to calibrate parallel machine tools.
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WIP: Live Restructuring of Data Architecture.
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A Web-based Visual Analytic Framework for Understanding Large-scale Environmental Models: A Use Case for The Community Land Model.
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Cell Neighbor Determination in the Metazoan Embryo System.
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Data synthesis in the Community Land Model for ecosystem simulation.
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A scalable framework for the global offline community land model ensemble simulation.
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Using High Performance Computing to Model Cellular Embryogenesis.
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In Situ Data Infrastructure for Scientific Unit Testing Platform.
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A Space-Time Raster GIS Data Model for Spatiotemporal Analysis of Vegetation Responses to a Freeze Event.
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Development of mpi_EPIC model for global agroecosystem modeling.
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