Christophe Paul

According to our database1, Christophe Paul authored at least 94 papers between 1995 and 2019.

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Strong immersion is a well-quasi-ordering for semicomplete digraphs.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2019

Explicit Linear Kernels for Packing Problems.
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Connected Search for a Lazy Robber.
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Preface: Seventh Workshop on Graph Classes, Optimization, and Width Parameters, Aussois, France, October 2015.
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Strong immersion is a well-quasi-ordering for semi-complete digraphs.
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An FPT Algorithm and a Polynomial Kernel for Linear Rankwidth-1 Vertex Deletion.
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Exploring the Complexity of Layout Parameters in Tournaments and Semi-Complete Digraphs.
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Linear kernel for Rooted Triplet Inconsistency and other problems based on conflict packing technique.
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On the consistency of orthology relationships.
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Explicit Linear Kernels via Dynamic Programming.
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A single-exponential FPT algorithm for the K4-minor cover problem.
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FPT Algorithm and Polynomial Kernel for Linear Rank-width One Vertex Deletion.
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Hitting and Harvesting Pumpkins.
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Practical and Efficient Circle Graph Recognition.
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Obtaining a Bipartite Graph by Contracting Few Edges.
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On the (Non-)Existence of Polynomial Kernels for P l -Free Edge Modification Problems.
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A single-exponential FPT algorithm for the $K_4$-minor cover problem
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A Single-Exponential FPT Algorithm for the K 4-Minor Cover Problem.
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Circle Graph Recognition in Time O(n+m) α(n+m)
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Conflict Packing yields linear vertex-kernels for Rooted Triplet Inconsistency and other problems
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On the (non-)existence of polynomial kernels for Pl-free edge modification problems
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Fully Dynamic Algorithm for Recognition and Modular Decomposition of Permutation Graphs.
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Generalized Graph Clustering: Recognizing (p, q)-Cluster Graphs.
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Milling a Graph with Turn Costs: A Parameterized Complexity Perspective.
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On the (Non-)existence of Polynomial Kernels for Pl-free Edge Modification Problems.
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Interval Completion Is Fixed Parameter Tractable.
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Computation of Perfect DCJ Rearrangement Scenarios with Linear and Circular Chromosomes.
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Branchwidth of chordal graphs.
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On the approximability of the Maximum Agreement SubTree and Maximum Compatible Tree problems.
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Kinetic maintenance of mobile k-centres on trees.
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Abstract Milling with Turn Costs
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Computing galled networks from real data.
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Can transitive orientation make sandwich problems easier?
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Interval completion with few edges.
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Eclecticism shrinks even small worlds.
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A simple linear time algorithm for cograph recognition.
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