Gigliola Vaglini

According to our database1, Gigliola Vaglini authored at least 73 papers between 1983 and 2018.

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A Stigmergy-Based Analysis of City Hotspots to Discover Trends and Anomalies in Urban Transportation Usage.
IEEE Trans. Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018

Using Stigmergy to Distinguish Event-Specific Topics in Social Discussions.
Sensors, 2018

Sleep behavior assessment via smartwatch and stigmergic receptive fields.
Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2018

Fostering distributed business logic in Open Collaborative Networks: an integrated approach based on semantic and swarm coordination.
Information Systems Frontiers, 2018

Swarm coordination of mini-UAVs for target search using imperfect sensors.
Intelligent Decision Technologies, 2018

A stigmergy-based analysis of city hotspots to discover trends and anomalies in urban transportation usage.
CoRR, 2018

Evaluating the impact of smart technologies on harbor's logistics via BPMN modeling and simulation.
Information Technology and Management, 2017

Detecting urban road congestion via parametric adaptation of position-based stigmergy.
Intelligent Decision Technologies, 2017

Stigmergy-based modeling to discover urban activity patterns from positioning data.
CoRR, 2017

Stigmergy-Based Modeling to Discover Urban Activity Patterns from Positioning Data.
Proceedings of the Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Modeling, 2017

Model Checking for Mobile Android Malware Evolution.
Proceedings of the 5th IEEE/ACM International FME Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering, 2017

Spikiness Assessment of Term Occurrences in Microblogs: An Approach based on Computational Stigmergy.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, 2017

Measuring Physical Activity of Older Adults via Smartwatch and Stigmergic Receptive Fields.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, 2017

Localization and Inhibition of Malicious Behaviors through a Model Checking based Methodology.
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy, 2017

Heuristic search for equivalence checking.
Software and System Modeling, 2016

Using Smartwatch Sensors to Support the Acquisition of Sleep Quality Data for Supervised Machine Learning.
Proceedings of the Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, 2016

Detecting Elderly Behavior Shift via Smart Devices and Stigmergic Receptive Fields.
Proceedings of the Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, 2016

Conformance Checking using Formal Methods.
Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies (ICSOFT 2016) - Volume 1: ICSOFT-EA, Lisbon, Portugal, July 24, 2016

Using Differential Evolution to Improve Pheromone-based Coordination of Swarms of Drones for Collaborative Target Detection.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, 2016

An Adaptive Stigmergy-based System for Evaluating Technological Indicator Dynamics in the Context of Smart Specialization.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, 2016

Monitoring elderly behavior via indoor position-based stigmergy.
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2015

Wireless communication, identification and sensing technologies enabling integrated logistics: a study in the harbor environment.
CoRR, 2015

On the Schedulability of Deadline-Constrained Traffic in TDMA Wireless Mesh Networks.
Comput. J., 2015

Combining stigmergic and flocking behaviors to coordinate swarms of drones performing target search.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information, 2015

Enabling swarm aggregation of position data via adaptive stigmergy: A case study in urban traffic flows.
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information, 2015

Improving the Analysis of Context-Aware Information via Marker-Based Stigmergy and Differential Evolution.
Proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2015

k-Bisimulation: A Bisimulation for Measuring the Dissimilarity Between Processes.
Proceedings of the Formal Aspects of Component Software - 12th International Conference, 2015

GreASE: A Tool for Efficient "Nonequivalence" Checking.
ACM Trans. Softw. Eng. Methodol., 2014

An Interval-Valued Approach to Business Process Simulation Based on Genetic Algorithms and the BPMN.
Information, 2014

Model Checking Properties on Reduced Trace Systems.
Algorithms, 2014

Incremental construction of systems: An efficient characterization of the lacking sub-system.
Sci. Comput. Program., 2013

Optimal joint routing and link scheduling for real-time traffic in TDMA Wireless Mesh Networks.
Computer Networks, 2013

An Emergent Approach to Text Analysis Based on a Connectionist Model and the Web.
Algorithms, 2013

Partial Order Interpretation of a Mu-Calculus-Like Temporal Logic.
Proceedings of the ICSOFT 2013, 2013

High availability using virtualization - 3RC
CoRR, 2012

Abstract reduction in directed model checking CCS processes.
Acta Inf., 2012

Modelling and Analysing Social Networks through Formal Methods and Heuristic Searches.
Proceedings of the ICSOFT 2012 - Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Software Paradigm Trends, Rome, Italy, 24, 2012

Efficient link scheduling for online admission control of real-time traffic in wireless mesh networks.
Computer Communications, 2011

Ant Colony Optimization for Deadlock Detection in Concurrent Systems.
Proceedings of the 35th Annual IEEE International Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2011

Partial model checking via abstract interpretation.
Inf. Process. Lett., 2010

Optimal link scheduling for real-time traffic in wireless mesh networks in both per-flow and per-path frameworks.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, 2010

Towards Resource-Optimal Routing Plans for Real-Time Traffic.
Proceedings of the Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification, and Validation, 2010

Link scheduling with end-to-end delay constraints in Wireless Mesh Networks.
Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, 2009

A Formula Driven Incremental Construction of Web Service Compositions.
Proceedings of the ICSOFT 2009, 2009

Modular formal verification of specifications of concurrent systems.
Softw. Test., Verif. Reliab., 2008

A user-friendly interface to specify temporal properties of concurrent systems.
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Compositionality and locality for improving model checking in the selective mu-calculus.
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A local approach for temporal model checking of Java bytecode.
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Reduced Models for Efficient CCS Verification.
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Efficient model checking of properties of a distributed application: a multimedia case study.
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A Tableau-Based Procedure for Model Checking Programs.
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Reusing LOTOS specifications.
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An approach to system design based on P/T net simulation.
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Logic Based Abstractions of Real-Time Systems.
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LORETO: A Tool for Reducing State Explosion in Verification of LOTOS Programs.
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Abstract Interpretation of Trace Semantics for Concurrent Calculi.
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Formula Based Abstractions of Transition Systems for Real-Time Model Checking.
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Selective µ-calculus: New Modal Operators for Proving Properties on Reduced Transition Systems.
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