Guillaume Flandin

According to our database1, Guillaume Flandin authored at least 31 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Flexible Bayesian Modelling for Nonlinear Image Registration.
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BIDS apps: Improving ease of use, accessibility, and reproducibility of neuroimaging data analysis methods.
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Reconstructing anatomy from electro-physiological data.
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Boutiques: a flexible framework for automated application integration in computing platforms.
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Evaluation of 2D multiband EPI imaging for high-resolution, whole-brain, task-based fMRI studies at 3T: Sensitivity and slice leakage artifacts.
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Vascular autorescaling of fMRI (VasA fMRI) improves sensitivity of population studies: A pilot study.
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Set-level threshold-free tests on the intrinsic volumes of SPMs.
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The problem of low variance voxels in statistical parametric mapping; a new hat avoids a 'haircut'.
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Probing the cortical network underlying the psychological refractory period: A combined EEG-fMRI study.
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Topological FDR for neuroimaging.
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Multinomial inference on distributed responses in SPM.
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Multiple sparse priors for the M/EEG inverse problem.
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Quantitative validation of voxel-wise statistical analyses of autoradiographic rat brain volumes: Application to unilateral visual stimulation.
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Anatomo-Functional Description of the Brain : A Probabilistic Approach.
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Utilisation d'informations géométriques pour l'analyse statistique des données d'IRM fonctionnelle. (ntroduction of geometrical features for the statistical analysis of functional MRI data).
PhD thesis, 2004

Automatized clustering and functional geometry of human parietofrontal networks for language, space, and number.
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