Felipe Valencia

According to our database1, Felipe Valencia authored at least 22 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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Updating Dynamic Noise Models With Moving Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) Systems.
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Fault Sensitivity Analysis of Lattice-Based Post-Quantum Cryptographic Components.
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A new method for identification of fuzzy models with controllability constraints.
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Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Multiyear Transmission Network Expansion Planning.
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Reconstructing anatomy from electro-physiological data.
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An Investigation of Sources of Randomness Within Discrete Gaussian Sampling.
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The design space of the number theoretic transform: A survey.
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Sustainable development through the use of solar energy for productive processes: The Ayllu Solar Project.
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A Multiobjective-Based Switching Topology for Hierarchical Model Predictive Control Applied to a Hydro-Power Valley.
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