Hongli Liu

According to our database1, Hongli Liu authored at least 59 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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Vision-Based Position Deviation Measurement of Rail Corrugation Chord Measuring Points Under Bi-Linear Laser Assistance.
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Network Intelligence Empowered Industrial Robot Control in the F-RAN Environment.
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Two-phase real-time rendering method for realistic water refraction.
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A Multifeature Hierarchical Locating Algorithm for Hexagon Nut of Railway Fasteners.
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A Visual Inspection System for Accurate Positioning of Railway Fastener.
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Reconstructing Monte Carlo Errors as a Blue-noise in Screen Space.
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Autumn Crop Mapping based on Deep Learning Method driven by Historical Labelled Dataset.
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Classification of Depression Based on Local Binary Pattern and Singular Spectrum Analysis.
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Secrecy Outage Performance of Opportunistic Relay Selection With Limited CSI Feedback.
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Multi-temporal RADARSAT-2 polarimetric SAR for maize mapping supported by segmentations from high-resolution optical image.
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An Efficient Transmit Power Control Strategy for Underlay Spectrum Sharing Networks With Spatially Random Primary Users.
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Distortion Rectifying for Dynamically Measuring Rail Profile Based on Self-Calibration of Multiline Structured Light.
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Rail Corrugation Broadband Measurement Based on Combination-Chord Model and LS.
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An Efficient Approach Based on UAV Orthographic Imagery to Map Paddy With Support of Field-Level Canopy Height From Point Cloud Data.
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An improved channel estimation method using doubly reduced matching pursuit over fractional delay multipath channel.
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Microgrids as Flexible and Network-Connected Grid Assets in Active Distribution Systems.
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Adaptive decision directed impulse noise mitigate in power line communication.
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Forecast of Non-Equal Interval Track Irregularity Based on Improved Grey Model and PSO-SVM.
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Dynamic Inspection of Rail Wear via a Three-Step Method: Auxiliary Plane Establishment, Self-Calibration, and Projecting.
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Noise Modeling and Analysis for Indoor Broadband Power Line Communication.
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Recognition and Calibration of Rail Profile Under Affine-Distortion-Based Point Set Mapping.
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A New Open Loop Approach for Identifying the Initial Rotor Position of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.
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On Numerical Simulation Approach for Multiple Resonance Modes in Servo Systems.
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Modeling and Analysis of Two-Tier HetNets With Cognitive Small Cells.
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Energy Efficiency Analysis of Cache-Enabled Two-Tier HetNets Under Different Spectrum Deployment Strategies.
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Highly efficient paddy classification using UAV-based orthorectified image.
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An Improved STARFM with Help of an Unmixing-Based Method to Generate High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Remote Sensing Data in Complex Heterogeneous Regions.
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Molecular mechanism of R-bicalutamide switching from androgen receptor antagonist to agonist induced by amino acid mutations using molecular dynamics simulations and free energy calculation.
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Manifold regularized kernel logistic regression for web image annotation.
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Hessian regularization by patch alignment framework.
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Dryland summer crop classification using multi-temporal RADARSAT-2 images and objects information from optical image.
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Linear programming algorithms for sensor networks node localization.
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A brief review of underwater electric current communication.
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Multiview Hessian regularized logistic regression for action recognition.
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Sparse principle motion component for one-shot gesture recognition.
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From Wireless Positioning to Mobile Positioning: An Overview of Recent Advances.
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Multi-view Face Analysis Based on Gabor Features.
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