Hong Zhu

According to our database1, Hong Zhu authored at least 87 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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Extracting Individual Neural Fingerprint Encoded in Functional Connectivity by Silencing Indirect Effects.
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering, 2020

Optimization of e-commerce logistics of marine economy by fuzzy algorithms.
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Structural Plan of Indoor Scenes with Personalized Preferences.
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Towards Adversarial Planning for Indoor Scenes with Rotation.
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Hyper-Parameter Optimization: A Review of Algorithms and Applications.
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Influence Function for Unbiased Recommendation.
Proceedings of the 43rd International ACM SIGIR conference on research and development in Information Retrieval, 2020

Less Is Better: Unweighted Data Subsampling via Influence Function.
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The Role of Significantly Deregulated MicroRNAs in Recurrent Cervical Cancer Based on Bioinformatic Analysis of the Cancer Genome Atlas Data.
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VWF, CXCL8 and IL6 might be potential druggable genes for acute coronary syndrome (ACS).
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Approving automation: analyzing requests for permissions of bots in wikidata.
Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Open Collaboration, 2019

An Efficient Machine Reading Comprehension Method Based on Attention Mechanism.
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Layered Conceptual Image Compression Via Deep Semantic Synthesis.
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Optimal Trajectories of Brain State Transitions Indicate Motor Function Changes Associated with Aging.
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Improving Ad Click Prediction by Considering Non-displayed Events.
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Seeing isn't Believing: Towards More Robust Adversarial Attack Against Real World Object Detectors.
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Disparity-Based Measurement on Participation Interest and Competition Recommendation Method.
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基于单个卷积神经网络的面部多特征点定位 (Facial Multi-landmarks Localization Based on Single Convolution Neural Network).
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Coastal Zone Classification Based on Multisource Remote Sensing Imagery Fusion.
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Optimizing Overlap Reductions of Feature Regions for Image Registration.
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Quantized feedback control for time-delay systems via sliding mode observers.
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Mining social lending motivations for loan project recommendations.
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Hydroxyapatite extracted by animal bone image analysis in ionic liquid choline chloride-glycerol.
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Correlation feature-based detector for range distributed target in sea clutter.
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Practical Adversarial Attack Against Object Detector.
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Text Classification Based on Word2vec and Convolutional Neural Network.
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Research on Interactive Design of Vehicle Information Interface for Old People Based on Visual Characteristics.
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Characteristic of the equivalent impedance for an m×n RLC network with an arbitrary boundary.
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An Improved Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Culture Algorithms.
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Aviation Emergency Rescue Evaluation Capability Based on Improved λρ Fuzzy Measure.
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Decreased variability of dynamic phase synchronization in brain networks during hand movement.
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Multiple comparisons for survival data with propensity score adjustment.
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Java source code defect detection.
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A Multi-resolution Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Multi-factor Weights.
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On strong list edge coloring of subcubic graphs.
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Love wave in an isotropic homogeneous elastic half-space with a functionally graded cap layer.
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Outlier Detection Method of Environmental Streams Based on Kernel Density Estimation.
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Preface - Service-Oriented System Engineering: An Emerging Engineering Discipline.
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Effective search space reduction for human pose estimation with Viterbi recurrence algorithm.
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Primal and dual alternating direction algorithms for <i>ℓ</i> <sub>1</sub>-<i>ℓ</i> <sub>1</sub>-norm minimization problems in compressive sensing.
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Large sparse signal recovery by conjugate gradient algorithm based on smoothing technique.
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Multi-Cell Downlink Joint Transmission with 3D Beamforming.
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Equivalent Ground Conductivity Inversion in Maritime ASF Correction.
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Modelling, measurement and analysis of narrowband fast fading on relay channels.
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Radio propagation measurements and channel characterisation pertinent to urban microcellular communications systems incorporating relay links.
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A Conceptual Framework for Vendor Selection based on Supply Chain Risk Management from a Literature Review.
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A method for extracting the internal structure of biomedical images based on SRG and texture gradient.
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A Gait Recognition Method Based on Human Posture Pick Extraction.
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Approximation algorithms for inner-node weighted minimum spanning trees.
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An Efficient Semantic Web Services Matching Mechanism.
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Approximation Strategy Based on Data Merging for Static Data Management in Networks.
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General Framework for Animal Food Safety Traceability Using GS1 and RFID.
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Unsupervised Word Sense Discrimination Improves Construction of the Wordnets.
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In Situ Real-Time Chemiluminescence Imaging of Reactive Oxygen Species Formation from Cardiomyocytes.
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An Experimental Evaluation of the Reliability of Adaptive Random Testing Methods.
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Measuring word polysemousness and sense granularity at a language level.
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Pre-Processing of X-Ray Medical Image Based on Improved Temporal Recursive Self-Adaptive Filter.
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Vehicle Multi-sensor Information Optimization Based on Federal Fusion Valuation.
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Simulink Modeling and Comparison of Zhang Neural Networks and Gradient Neural Networks for Time-Varying Lyapunov Equation Solving.
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Fast Mode Decision for H.264/AVC Based on Macroblock Correlation.
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High resolution live streaming with the HYDRA architecture.
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Modeling Lipid-Sterol Bilayers: Applications to Structural Evolution, Lateral Diffusion, and Rafts.
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Micromachining Process Of Piezoelectric Microcantilever Using Pzt Thin Film.
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Study On Feature Of Silicon Microtrenches With A Multiplexed Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher.
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Development And Comparison Of Micromachined Inductors For Rf Applications.
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Design Issues Of Multilayer Piezoelectric Biosensors.
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Analysis And Comparison Of Flexure Structures Used In 3-D Electrostatic Microactuators For Hard Disk Drives.
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Rapidly assessing the flood disaster by using remote sensing and GIS.
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Yima: Design and Evaluation of a Streaming Media System for Residential Broadband Services.
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