Ilya N. Shindyalov

According to our database1, Ilya N. Shindyalov authored at least 20 papers between 1992 and 2006.

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DMAPS: a database of multiple alignments for protein structures.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2006

The Encyclopedia of Life Project: Grid Software and Deployment.
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CE-MC: a multiple protein structure alignment server.
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A New Scoring Function and Associated Statistical Significance for Structure Alignment by CE.
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A case study of high-throughput biological data processing on parallel platforms.
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The Status of Structural Genomics Defined Through the Analysis of Current Targets and Structures.
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Building an automated classification of DNA-binding protein domains.
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A database and tools for 3-D protein structure comparison and alignment using the Combinatorial Extension (CE) algorithm.
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CKAAPs DB: a conserved key amino acid positions database.
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A New Algorithm for the Alignment of Multiple Protein Structures Using Monte Carlo Optimization.
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Design and use of a software framework to obtain information derived from macromolecular structure data.
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Fast, statistically based alignment of amino acid sequences on the base of diagonal fragments of DOT-matrices.
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