Jiachen Yang

According to our database1, Jiachen Yang authored at least 73 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Predicting Stereoscopic Image Quality via Stacked Auto-Encoders Based on Stereopsis Formation.
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A Blind Stereoscopic Image Quality Evaluator With Segmented Stacked Autoencoders Considering the Whole Visual Perception Route.
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Wearable Vision Assistance System Based on Binocular Sensors for Visually Impaired Users.
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Aircraft tracking based on fully conventional network and Kalman filter.
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Analysis of Camera Arrays Applicable to the Internet of Things.
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Design of Miniaturized Dual-Band Microstrip Antenna for WLAN Application.
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Design of intelligent recognition system based on gait recognition technology in smart transportation.
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Robust visual tracking using adaptive local appearance model for smart transportation.
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Guest Editorial: Multimedia Medical Device (MMD) Designing and Clinical Applications.
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An online marking system conducive to learning.
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Multimedia security in laboratory system based on cloud platform.
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Depth estimation for image dehazing of surveillance on education.
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Hey! Are you injecting side effect?: A tool for detecting purity changes in java methods.
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A Low-Power and Portable Biomedical Device for Respiratory Monitoring with a Stable Power Source.
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How Accurate Is Coarse-grained Clone Detection?: Comparision with Fine-grained Detectors.

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