Jiayi Xu

According to our database1, Jiayi Xu authored at least 28 papers between 2007 and 2020.

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Design and Analysis of Inductively Coupled Power Transfer System on Mooring Buoy With Double Ultracapacitor Chargers Using Indirect Control.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2020

Person-independent facial expression recognition method based on improved Wasserstein generative adversarial networks in combination with identity aware.
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Automatic directional analysis of cell fluorescence images and morphological modeling of microfilaments.
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Geometry-Driven Detection, Tracking and Visual Analysis of Viscous and Gravitational Fingers.
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Generating Users' Desired Face Image Using the Conditional Generative Adversarial Network and Relevance Feedback.
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Non-contact Cold Thermal Display by Controlling Low-temperature Air Flow Generated with Vortex Tube.
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Composite Sketch Recognition Using Multi-scale Hog Features and Semantic Attributes.
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Statistical Super Resolution for Data Analysis and Visualization of Large Scale Cosmological Simulations.
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Synthesizing Imagined Faces Based on Relevance Feedback.
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Basketview: interactive visualization of NBA games.
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Suggesting the Appropriate Number of Observers for Predicting Video Saliency with Eye-Tracking Data.
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A visual analytical approach for transfer learning in classification.
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Fepchecker: An Automatic Model Checker for Verifying Fairness and Non-Repudiation of Security Protocols in Web Service.
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Hidden message in a deformation-based texture.
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