Teng Yu

According to our database1, Teng Yu authored at least 22 papers between 2012 and 2020.

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Large-Scale Automatic K-Means Clustering for Heterogeneous Many-Core Supercomputer.
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Learning a Convolutional Autoencoder for Nighttime Image Dehazing.
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ScalAna: Automating Scaling Loss Detection with Graph Analysis.
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Full Reference Screen Content Image Quality Assessment by Fusing Multi-level Structure Similarity.
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SVDTWDD Method for High Correct Recognition Rate Classifier With Appropriate Rejection Recognition Regions.
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Integrating Haze Density Features for Fast Nighttime Image Dehazing.
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COLAB: a collaborative multi-factor scheduler for asymmetric multicore processors.
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Nighttime Single Image Dehazing via Pixel-Wise Alpha Blending.
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Kernels Pruning for Volterra Digital Predistortion Using Sparse Bayesian Learning.
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POSTER: A Collaborative Multi-Factor Scheduler for Asymmetric Multicore Processors.
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Variational total curvature model for multiplicative noise removal.
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Large-scale hierarchical <i>k-means</i> for heterogeneous many-core supercomputers.
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An Efficient Pedestrian Detection Method by Using Coarse-to-Fine Detection and Color Histogram Similarity.
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