Jie Lian

According to our database1, Jie Lian authored at least 83 papers between 1999 and 2020.

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Constructing a PM2.5 concentration prediction model by combining auto-encoder with Bi-LSTM neural networks.
Environmental Modelling and Software, 2020

Underwater optical wireless sensor networks using resource allocation.
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Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Techniques Comparison for Underwater Optical Wireless Communication Systems.
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Method for Classifying Behavior of Livestock on Fenced Temperate Rangeland in Northern China.
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Air Quality Measurement Based on Double-Channel Convolutional Neural Network Ensemble Learning.
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SAS: Painting Detection and Recognition via Smart Art System With Mobile Devices.
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CSRS: A Chinese Seal Recognition System With Multi-Task Learning and Automatic Background Generation.
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Variable Pulse Width Unipolar Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Visible Light Communication Systems.
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Prediction of Heparin Dose during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Surgery by Using the Gradient Boosting Regression Model.
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A multi-skilled worker assignment problem in seru production systems considering the worker heterogeneity.
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The Optimal Loan Decision Between Small Enterprises and Banks Under Government's Subsidy and Supervision using Genetic Algorithms.
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SQL or NoSQL? Which Is the Best Choice for Storing Big Spatio-Temporal Climate Data?
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Indoor Mapping Using the VLC Channel State Information.
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An Indoor Navigation Service Robot System Based on Vibration Tactile Feedback.
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English Lexical Stress Production by Native Speakers of Tibetan and Uyghur.
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Joint optimal waveform design for multiuser VLC systems over ISI channel.
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Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy with Right-Angle Prism.
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Channeling the water data deluge: a system for flexible integration and analysis of hydrologic data.
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Fast Chinese character detection from complex scenes.
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A Time Difference Method for Measurement of Phase Shift between Distributed Feedback Laser Diode (DFB-LD) Output Wavelength and Intensity.
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Exponential stabilization of singularly perturbed switched systems subject to actuator saturation.
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Observer pattern network public opinion appearance-based maturity model of biological event.
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Distributed Power Allocation for Multiuser MISO Indoor Visible Light Communications.
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Classification of driver fatigue expressions by combined curvelet features and gabor features, and random subspace ensembles of support vector machines.
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An implementation framework for seru production.
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Comments on "Is accurate recording of the ECG surface Laplacian feasible?" [with reply].
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