José María Cela

According to our database1, José María Cela authored at least 42 papers between 1995 and 2018.

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PETGEM: A parallel code for 3D CSEM forward modeling using edge finite elements.
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Radiation-Induced Error Criticality in Modern HPC Parallel Accelerators.
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Alya: Multiphysics engineering simulation toward exascale.
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Optimization of atmospheric transport models on HPC platforms.
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A Parallel Tool for Numerical Approximation of 3D Electromagnetic Surveys in Geophysics.
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Fostering Collaboration in Energy Research and Technological Developments Applying New Exascale HPC Techniques.
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Finite-difference staggered grids in GPUs for anisotropic elastic wave propagation simulation.
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The development of new infantry tactics during the early eighteenth century: a computer simulation approach to modern military history.
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Unveiling WARIS Code, a Parallel and Multi-purpose FDM Framework.
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A massively parallel fractional step solver for incompressible flows.
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High-Performance Reverse Time Migration on GPU.
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Introducing the Semi-stencil Algorithm.
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A Parallel Algebraic Preconditioner for the Schur Complement System.
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A Parallel Iterative Solver Based on the Schur Complement System.
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PLS: A Parallel Linear Solvers Library for Domain Decomposition Methods.
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Parallelization of the SPAI Preconditioner in a Master-Slave Configuration.
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Manufacturing Progressive Addition Lenses using Distributed Parallel Processing.
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Performance on Distributed Memory Multicomputers of Domain Decomposition Solvers.
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