Stamatios N. Sotiropoulos

Orcid: 0000-0003-4735-5776

According to our database1, Stamatios N. Sotiropoulos authored at least 51 papers between 2003 and 2023.

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Non-reversibility outperforms functional connectivity in characterisation of brain states in MEG data.
NeuroImage, August, 2023

Automated detection of cerebral microbleeds on MR images using knowledge distillation framework.
Frontiers Neuroinformatics, March, 2023

QuNex - An integrative platform for reproducible neuroimaging analytics.
Frontiers Neuroinformatics, March, 2023

Uncertainty modelling in deep learning for safer neuroimage enhancement: Demonstration in diffusion MRI.
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The Human Connectome Project: A retrospective.
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Modelling white matter in gyral blades as a continuous vector field.
NeuroImage, 2021

Automated Detection of Candidate Subjects With Cerebral Microbleeds Using Machine Learning.
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XTRACT - Standardised protocols for automated tractography in the human and macaque brain.
NeuroImage, 2020

Non-negative data-driven mapping of structural connections with application to the neonatal brain.
NeuroImage, 2020

Improved fibre dispersion estimation using b-tensor encoding.
NeuroImage, 2020

Towards HCP-Style macaque connectomes: 24-Channel 3T multi-array coil, MRI sequences and preprocessing.
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How do spatially distinct frequency specific MEG networks emerge from one underlying structural connectome? The role of the structural eigenmodes.
NeuroImage, 2019

Using GPUs to accelerate computational diffusion MRI: From microstructure estimation to tractography and connectomes.
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Automated quality control for within and between studies diffusion MRI data using a non-parametric framework for movement and distortion correction.
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Automated processing pipeline for neonatal diffusion MRI in the developing Human Connectome Project.
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Uncertainty Quantification in Deep Learning for Safer Neuroimage Enhancement.
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A biophysical model of dynamic balancing of excitation and inhibition in fast oscillatory large-scale networks.
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Bayesian Optimisation of Large-Scale Biophysical Networks.
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A gyral coordinate system predictive of fibre orientations.
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Image processing and Quality Control for the first 10, 000 brain imaging datasets from UK Biobank.
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Evaluating fibre orientation dispersion in white matter: Comparison of diffusion MRI, histology and polarized light imaging.
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Improved tractography using asymmetric fibre orientation distributions.
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Image quality transfer and applications in diffusion MRI.
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Subthalamic deep brain stimulation sweet spots and hyperdirect cortical connectivity in Parkinson's disease.
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A probabilistic atlas of the cerebellar white matter.
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An integrated approach to correction for off-resonance effects and subject movement in diffusion MR imaging.
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Incorporating outlier detection and replacement into a non-parametric framework for movement and distortion correction of diffusion MR images.
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High resolution whole brain diffusion imaging at 7 T for the Human Connectome Project.
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Heritability of fractional anisotropy in human white matter: A comparison of Human Connectome Project and ENIGMA-DTI data.
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Non-parametric representation and prediction of single- and multi-shell diffusion-weighted MRI data using Gaussian processes.
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