Pekka Marttinen

According to our database1, Pekka Marttinen authored at least 31 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Informative Gaussian Scale Mixture Priors for Bayesian Neural Networks.
CoRR, 2020

A Survey on Knowledge Graphs: Representation, Acquisition and Applications.
CoRR, 2020

A Bayesian model of acquisition and clearance of bacterial colonization incorporating within-host variation.
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Batch simulations and uncertainty quantification in Gaussian process surrogate-based approximate Bayesian computation.
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Errors-in-variables Modeling of Personalized Treatment-Response Trajectories.
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Parallel Gaussian process surrogate method to accelerate likelihood-free inference.
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Recovering Pairwise Interactions Using Neural Networks.
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Modelling G×E with historical weather information improves genomic prediction in new environments.
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Predicting utilization of healthcare services from individual disease trajectories using RNNs with multi-headed attention.
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ELFI: Engine for Likelihood-Free Inference.
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A Bayesian model of acquisition and clearance of bacterial colonization.
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Improving genomics-based predictions for precision medicine through active elicitation of expert knowledge.
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Bacmeta: simulator for genomic evolution in bacterial metapopulations.
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Speciation trajectories in recombining bacterial species.
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Improving drug sensitivity predictions in precision medicine through active expert knowledge elicitation.
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biMM: efficient estimation of genetic variances and covariances for cohorts with high-dimensional phenotype measurements.
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Interactive Elicitation of Knowledge on Feature Relevance Improves Predictions in Small Data Sets.
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Multiple Output Regression with Latent Noise.
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metaCCA: summary statistics-based multivariate meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies using canonical correlation analysis.
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Assessing multivariate gene-metabolome associations with rare variants using Bayesian reduced rank regression.
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Bayesian Information Sharing Between Noise And Regression Models Improves Prediction of Weak Effects.
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