Pengfei Cheng

According to our database1, Pengfei Cheng authored at least 21 papers between 2011 and 2021.

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PhD thesis 




An extended EDAS method under four-branch fuzzy environments and its application in credit evaluation for micro and small entrepreneurs.
Soft Comput., 2021

Intuitionistic fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm based on a novel weighted proximity measure and genetic algorithm.
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Projection-based probabilistic linguistic multi-criteria decision-making method for new energy project selection.
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A Cycle Slip Repair Method Against Ionospheric Effects and Observational Noises for BDS Triple-Frequency Undifferenced Phases.
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SACPC: A framework based on probabilistic linguistic terms for short text sentiment analysis.
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Cloud model-based PROMETHEE method under 2D uncertain linguistic environment.
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A novel risk assessment model based on failure mode and effect analysis and probabilistic linguistic ELECTRE II method.
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Multistage Decision Framework for the Selection of Renewable Energy Sources Based on Prospect Theory and PROMETHEE.
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Optimal scheduling of copper concentrate operations under uncertainty.
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Customer Expertise, Involvement and Perceived Online Review Trustworthiness.
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Optimal Incentive Contract for Sales Team with Loss Aversion Preference.
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Improved multilevel thresholding plot fusion method using the rain algorithm for the detection of closely extended targets.
IET Signal Process., 2019

An improved partitioning algorithm based on FCM algorithm for extended target tracking in PHD filter.
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A Multi-Criteria 2-Tuple Linguistic Group Decision-Making Method Based on TODIM for Cholecystitis Treatments Selection.
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Fuzzy-Type Fast Terminal Sliding-Mode Controller for Pressure Control of Pilot Solenoid Valve in Automatic Transmission.
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A Novel Selection Model of Surgical Treatments for Early Gastric Cancer Patients Based on Heterogeneous Multicriteria Group Decision-Making.
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A linguistic intuitionistic multi-criteria decision-making method based on the Frank Heronian mean operator and its application in evaluating coal mine safety.
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Selecting Project Delivery Systems Based on Simplified Neutrosophic Linguistic Preference Relations.
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Characteristic Value Extraction of Gear Defect based on Image Processing.
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Using network RTK corrections and low-cost GPS receiver for precise mass market positioning and navigation applications.
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Introductory analysis of the influence of the parameters in torpedo force-body shaping design.
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