Li Xie

According to our database1, Li Xie authored at least 119 papers between 1980 and 2020.

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Generalized Gaussian Multiterminal Source Coding: The Symmetric Case.
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Generalized Gaussian Multiterminal Source Coding in the High-Resolution Regime.
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Modeling Brain Diverse and Complex Hemodynamic Response Patterns via Deep Recurrent Autoencoder.
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A Multi-Criteria 2-Tuple Linguistic Group Decision-Making Method Based on TODIM for Cholecystitis Treatments Selection.
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Training a Camera to Perform Long-Distance Eye Tracking by Another Eye-Tracker.
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Correlation Between Power Line Harmonic Radiation and Magnetospheric Line Radiation Over China.
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Exploring Brain Hemodynamic Response Patterns via Deep Recurrent Autoencoder.
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From Macro to Micro: A Bibliometric-based Evaluation of Pioneering and Leading of Scientific and Technological Achievements - Taking the Novel Fermions in Solids as an Example.
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A Temperature Compensated Smart Nitrate-Sensor for Agricultural Industry.
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A novel recurrent hybrid network for feature fusion in action recognition.
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Practical nitrate sensor based on electrochemical impedance measurement.
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Novel input-output representation of general non-uniformly sampled-data systems.
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Experimental validation of energy consumption model for the four-wheeled omnidirectional Mecanum robots for energy-optimal motion control.
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一种基于二分编码的无线传感器与执行器网络移动覆盖算法 (Mobile Coverage Algorithm Based on Dichotomy Coding for WSANs).
计算机科学, 2015

Research of an Embedded IOT Gateway Applied to Post-earthquake Rescue.
Int. J. Online Eng., 2015

Improved detection limits for phthalates by selective solid-phase micro-extraction.
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Sensing Technology, 2015

Electrochemical impedimetric sensing of nitrate contamination in water.
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Heavy-duty omni-directional Mecanum-wheeled robot for autonomous navigation: System development and simulation realization.
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A 180 nm-CMOS Asymmetric UWB-RFID Tag with Real-time Remote-monitored ECG-sensing.
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Efficient Anonymous Identity-Based Broadcast Encryption without Random Oracles.
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