Chunhua Hu

According to our database1, Chunhua Hu authored at least 36 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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sEMG-Based Tremor Severity Evaluation for Parkinson's Disease Using a Light-Weight CNN.
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A 3D Point Cloud Filtering Method for Leaves Based on Manifold Distance and Normal Estimation.
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Time-aware distributed service recommendation with privacy-preservation.
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Evolution of path dependence and lock-in with the knowledge mining analysis of Web of Science literature.
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A two-stage locality-sensitive hashing based approach for privacy-preserving mobile service recommendation in cross-platform edge environment.
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Modeling of cross-disciplinary collaboration for potential field discovery and recommendation based on scholarly big data.
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A traffic hotline discovery method over cloud of things using big taxi GPS data.
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A Latency and Coverage Optimized Data Collection Scheme for Smart Cities Based on Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks.
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Comprehensive Optimization of Energy Consumption and Delay Performance for Green Communication in Internet of Things.
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An energy-aware virtual machine scheduling method for service QoS enhancement in clouds over big data.
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Virtual white board: Leveraging investments in interface based design and executable specification.
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An improved fringe frequency extraction method based on window fourier ridge.
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Recommendation for Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Based on Potential Research Field Discovery.
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A Deployment Optimization Scheme Over Multimedia Big Data for Large-Scale Media Streaming Application.

Analyzing of research patterns based on a temporal tracking and assessing model.
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A method for real-time trajectory monitoring to improve taxi service using GPS big data.
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A Task Scheduling Method for Energy-Performance Trade-Off in Clouds.
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Fault Prediction and Fault-Tolerant of Lithium-ion Batteries Temperature Failure for Electric Vehicle.
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Segmenting the Subthalamic Nucleus Using Narrow Band Limited Variational Level Set Method.
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Research on Services Selection Based on Credible Alliance in Web Services Combination.
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Search-based multi-paths test data generation for structure-oriented testing.
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Train queue processing for highly scalable switch fabric design.
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