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According to our database1, Phillip A. Laplante authored at least 162 papers between 1991 and 2020.

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IEEE Fellow 2008, "For leadership in engineering education and for contributions to software and systems education".



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A systematic literature review on Internet of things in education: Benefits and challenges.
J. Comput. Assist. Learn., 2020

"Future" Children - Can IoT Devices Help Save the World?
IT Prof., 2020

It Is Time to Seriously Consider Personal Blockchains.
IT Prof., 2020

Life, IoT, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
IT Prof., 2020

Rethinking Home, Office, School.
Computer, 2020

Computer, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Critical Systems: From Hype to Reality.
Computer, 2020

Software Engineering Lineage: How Do You Know What You Know?
Computer, 2020

A Brief History of Software Professionalism and the Way Forward.
Computer, 2020

Contactless U: Higher Education in the Postcoronavirus World.
Computer, 2020

Aggregating Atomic Clocks for Time-Stamping.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Systems Engineering, 2020

The Internet of Things Grows Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences.
IT Prof., 2019

Living on the Edge.
IT Prof., 2019

To Err is Human, to Forgive, AI.
IT Prof., 2019

My Mother the Car (or Why It's a Bad Idea to Give Your Car a Personality).
IT Prof., 2019

NIST's 18 Internet of Things Trust Concerns.
Computer, 2019

Taking Score on the Success of Blockchain, So Far.
Computer, 2019

Technology Predictions: Art, Science, and Fashion.
Computer, 2019

Stakeholder Identification and Use Case Representation for Internet-of-Things Applications in Healthcare.
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Building Caring Healthcare Systems in the Internet of Things.
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IoT Metrology.
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A Closer Look at IoTs Things.
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Introducing the Internet of Things Department.
IT Prof., 2018

The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Professionalism.
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"Smarter" Roads and Highways.
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IoT's Certification Quagmire.
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Testing IoT Systems.
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Review and Analysis of Software Development Team Communication Research.
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Disseminating the Best Material to Practitioners.
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Be more familiar with our enemies and pave the way forward: A review of the roles bugs played in software failures.
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A content analysis process for qualitative software engineering research.
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The nonfunctional requirement focus in medical device software: a systematic mapping study and taxonomy.
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The IoT Blame Game.
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Curriculum Considerations for the Internet of Things.
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Advances in Networking Software.
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Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Emerging Trends in Education - Part I.
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Caring: An Undiscovered "Super -ility" of Smart Healthcare.
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The Internet of Things in Healthcare: Potential Applications and Challenges.
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Standards for the Internet of Things: A Case Study in Disaster Response.
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The NASA automated requirements measurement tool: a reconstruction.
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Structural Epochs in Software.
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Licensing professional software engineers: seize the opportunity.
Commun. ACM, 2014

A Literature Review of Research in Software Defect Reporting.
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An Online Graduate Requirements Engineering Course.
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An International Perspective on U.S. Licensure of Software Engineers.
IEEE Technol. Soc. Mag., 2013

Innovative and Disruptive Technologies [From the Editors].
IT Prof., 2013

Career Advice.
IT Prof., 2013

Who's Afraid of Big Data?
IT Prof., 2013

Courses for the Masses?
IT Prof., 2013

Does Security Trump Reliability?
Computer, 2013

Embedded and real-time systems classes in traditional and distance education format.
Proceedings of the IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, 2013

Safe and Secure Software Systems: The Role of Professional Licensure.
IT Prof., 2012

Farewell to the Space Shuttle.
IT Prof., 2012

Econ 101 for Cloud Enthusiasts.
IT Prof., 2012

NASA Contributions to IT.
IT Prof., 2012

A real-time virtual machine implementation for small microcontrollers.
Innov. Syst. Softw. Eng., 2012

Revising a Security Tactics Hierarchy through Decomposition, Reclassification, and Derivation.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Software Security and Reliability, 2012

Dimensions of Cyber-Attacks: Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political.
IEEE Technol. Soc. Mag., 2011

Thoughts on Higher Education and Scientific Research.
IT Prof., 2011

IT for a Greener Planet [Guest editors' introduction].
IT Prof., 2011

Ender Wiggin Played Mafia Wars Too.
IT Prof., 2011

Exciting Real-Time Location Applications.
IT Prof., 2011

Use of Technology in the Household: An Exploratory Study.
Int. J. Strateg. Inf. Technol. Appl., 2011

A Systematic Approach to Evaluating Open Source Software.
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Special Technical Communities.
Computer, 2011

Certainty through Uncertainty?
Computer, 2011

Requirements Engineer.
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Effectively Defining "Shall Not" Requirements.
IT Prof., 2010

The BP Oil Spill: Could Software be a Culprit?
IT Prof., 2010

Another Ode to Paranoia.
IT Prof., 2010

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego (and Is She a Software Engineer)?
IT Prof., 2010

Nexialism and the Law of Unintended Consequences.
IT Prof., 2010

IT Predictions, 2010.
IT Prof., 2010

An Open Source Software Evaluation Model.
Int. J. Strateg. Inf. Technol. Appl., 2010

In Trust We Trust.
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A Nonlinear Perspective on Higher Education.
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Software Test Automation.
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A Methodology for Mining Security Tactics from Security Patterns.
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Pavlov's Bugs: Matching Repair Policies with Rewards.
IT Prof., 2009

Paranoid? Who Says I'm Paranoid?
IT Prof., 2009

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste.
IT Prof., 2009

A dynamic capture-recapture model for software defect prediction.
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Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process in Selecting Commercial Real-Time Operating Systems.
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In Search of Architectural Patterns for Software Security.
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Structural Epochs in the Complexity of Software over Time.
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What's in a Name? Distinguishing between SaaS and SOA.
IT Prof., 2008

IT Predictions for 2009.
IT Prof., 2008

IT Predictions for 2008.
IT Prof., 2008

Standards Confusion and Harmonization.
Computer, 2008

The Services Paradigm: Who Can You Trust?
IT Prof., 2007

Open Source Software: Is It Worth Converting?
IT Prof., 2007

Guest Editors' Introduction: IT Quality Enhancement and Process Improvement.
IT Prof., 2007

Reasoning about software using metrics and expert opinion.
Innov. Syst. Softw. Eng., 2007

Antipatterns in the Creation of Intelligent Systems.
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Employing Expert Opinion and Software Metrics for Reasoning About Software.
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An Agile, Graduate, Software Studio Course.
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The joy of spam.
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It isn't your father's realtime anymore.
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Test-Driven Development in Large Projects.
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IT best practices: CIO wisdom.
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Paying Down Design Debt with Strategic Refactoring.
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The Changing Role of the CIO: Why IT Still Matters.
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Whipping Up Some Gourmet Software.
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The Potemkin Village and the Art of Deception.
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Modeling uncertainty in software engineering using rough sets.
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Uncertainty: A Meta-Property of Software.
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One Instruction Set Computers for Image Processing.
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The burning bag of dung: and other environmental antipatterns.
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Opinion: First, Do No Harm: A Hippocratic Oath for Software Developers?
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Real-Time System to Control Aircraft Propeller Pitch.
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The Who, What, Why, Where, and When of IT Outsourcing.
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Staying Clear of Boiling-Frog Syndrome.
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