Nir Kshetri

According to our database1, Nir Kshetri authored at least 120 papers between 2001 and 2022.

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Ransomware as a Business (RaaB).
IT Prof., 2022

Economics of the Internet of Things in Sub-Saharan Africa.
IT Prof., 2022

Web 3.0 and the Metaverse Shaping Organizations' Brand and Product Strategies.
IT Prof., 2022

Ransomware: Pay to Play?
Computer, 2022

Computer, 2022

Data Privacy Considerations for Central Bank Digital Currencies in Asia-Pacific Countries.
Computer, 2022

Gender Asymmetry in Cybersecurity: Socioeconomic Causes and Consequences.
Computer, 2022

Scams, Frauds, and Crimes in the Nonfungible Token Market.
Computer, 2022

Algorithms: Society's Invisible Puppeteers.
Computer, 2022

The Role of Data and Artificial Intelligence in Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Computer, 2022

Scarcity and Global Insecurity: The Semiconductor Shortage.
IT Prof., 2021

Financial Technology in Latin America.
IT Prof., 2021

Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts to Provide Crop Insurance for Smallholder Farmers in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2021

Smart Contracts in the Global South.
IT Prof., 2021

Economics of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity.
IT Prof., 2021

Smart Contracts: Some Practical Considerations.
IT Prof., 2021

Data Labeling for the Artificial Intelligence Industry: Economic Impacts in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2021

Piracy's Impact on "the Silver Screen".
IT Prof., 2021

Mitigating Disinformation and Building Trust in Social Media.
IT Prof., 2021

Blockchain and sustainable supply chain management in developing countries.
Int. J. Inf. Manag., 2021

Lost and Never Found.
Computer, 2021

Homework [EIC'S Message].
Computer, 2021

Online Eats "Food Courts".
Computer, 2021

Monetizing You.
Computer, 2021

Computer, 2021

Open Banking: Definition and Description.
Computer, 2021

Computing and Socioeconomic Transformations.
Computer, 2021

Where's the Silicon?
Computer, 2021

Major Computing Technologies of the Past 75 Years.
Computer, 2021

The Economics of Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Traceability in Developing Countries.
Computer, 2021

The Economics of Central Bank Digital Currency [Computing's Economics].
Computer, 2021

The Economics of Digital Twins.
Computer, 2021

Economics of Artificial Intelligence in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.
Computer, 2021

Rearchitecting the Malls: The Shifting U.S. Retail Landscape.
Computer, 2021

2021 State of the Practice in Data Privacy and Security.
Computer, 2021

Is Privacy Dead?
IT Prof., 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2020

China's Social Credit System: Data, Algorithms and Implications.
IT Prof., 2020

Design of Blockchain-based Precision Health-Care Using Soft Systems Methodology.
Ind. Manag. Data Syst., 2020

Digital healthcare: Historical development, applications, and future research directions.
Int. J. Inf. Manag., 2020

5G, Security, and You.
Computer, 2020

Thoughts on General Data Protection Regulation and Online Human Surveillance.
Computer, 2020

The Economics Behind Food Supply Blockchains.
Computer, 2020

The Economics of Cyberattacks on Brazil.
Computer, 2020

COVID-19 Meets Big Tech.
Computer, 2020

Blockchain-Based Financial Technologies and Cryptocurrencies for Low-Income People: Technical Potential Versus Practical Reality.
Computer, 2020

Artificial intelligence in human resource management in the Global South.
Proceedings of the 26th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2020

Big Data Solutions for Micro-, Small-, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2019

Supply Chain Trust.
IT Prof., 2019

Blockchain Adoption in Supply Chain Networks in Asia.
IT Prof., 2019

Complementary and Synergistic Properties of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.
IT Prof., 2019

Blockchains and International Business.
IT Prof., 2019

Blockchain and the Economics of Food Safety.
IT Prof., 2019

The Economics of the Fifth Generation Cellular Network.
IT Prof., 2019

Blockchain and the Economics of Customer Satisfaction.
IT Prof., 2019

Thoughts on Cyberbullying.
Computer, 2019

Trusting Pirated Software.
Computer, 2019

Online Advertising Fraud.
Computer, 2019

Design Principles for Validating Use Cases of Blockchain for Food supply Chains.
Proceedings of the 25th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2019

Blockchain-Enabled E-Voting.
IEEE Softw., 2018

Blockchain in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics: A Showcase of Technological Advancement.
IT Prof., 2018

The Economics of Cyber-Insurance.
IT Prof., 2018

5G in E-Commerce Activities.
IT Prof., 2018

Rural e-Commerce in Developing Countries.
IT Prof., 2018

Introducing the IT Economics Department.
IT Prof., 2018

1 Blockchain's roles in meeting key supply chain management objectives.
Int. J. Inf. Manag., 2018

Cyberthreats under the Bed.
Computer, 2018

Hackings Brand-Equity Nexus.
Computer, 2018

Blockchain and Electronic Healthcare Records [Cybertrust].
Computer, 2018

Cryptocurrencies: Transparency Versus Privacy [Cybertrust].
Computer, 2018

Revisiting Turing's Imitation Game: A Commentary on Replacing Teachers with Internet Devices.
Commun. Assoc. Inf. Syst., 2018

The Economics of "Fake News".
IT Prof., 2017

Do Crypto-Currencies Fuel Ransomware?
IT Prof., 2017

Can Blockchain Strengthen the Internet of Things?
IT Prof., 2017

An Opinion on the "Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy".
IEEE Secur. Priv., 2017

Human Tagging.
Computer, 2017

Hacking Power Grids: A Current Problem.
Computer, 2017

Banking on Availability.
Computer, 2017

Cross-national Heterogeneity in Online Advertising: A Panel Data Analysis of the Effect of Data Privacy Laws.
Proceedings of the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2017

Cybercrime Firms' Internationalization Strategy and Tactics: An Exploratory Framework.
Proceedings of the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2017

Creation, deployment, diffusion and export of Sub-Saharan Africa-originated information technology-related innovations.
Int. J. Inf. Manag., 2016

Big data's role in expanding access to financial services in China.
Int. J. Inf. Manag., 2016

Gambling with Source Code.
Computer, 2016

India's Cybersecurity Landscape: The Roles of the Private Sector and Public-Private Partnership.
IEEE Secur. Priv., 2015

Recent US Cybersecurity Policy Initiatives: Challenges and Implications.
Computer, 2015

Cyberwarfare: Western and Chinese Allegations.
IT Prof., 2014

China's Data Privacy Regulations: A Tricky Tradeoff between ICT's Productive Utilization and Cybercontrol.
IEEE Secur. Priv., 2014

Cross-national heterogeneity in e-retail spending: a longitudinal analysis of economic, technological and political forces.
Electron. Commer. Res., 2014

Japan's Changing Cybersecurity Landscape.
Computer, 2014

Cloud Computing in Sub-Saharan Africa.
IT Prof., 2013

IT in the Chinese Healthcare Industry.
IT Prof., 2013

<i>Reliability, Validity, </i>Comparability and Practical Utility of <i>Cybercrime-Related </i>Data, <i>Metrics, and Information</i>.
Inf., 2013

Cybercrime and cyber-security issues associated with China: some economic and institutional considerations.
Electron. Commer. Res., 2013

EU and US Cybersecurity Strategies and Their Impact on Businesses and Consumers.
Computer, 2013

Cloud Computing and EU Data Privacy Regulations.
Computer, 2013

Cyber-victimization and cybersecurity in China.
Commun. ACM, 2013

Privacy and Security Aspects of Social Media: Institutional and Technological Environment.
Pac. Asia J. Assoc. Inf. Syst., 2012

Mobile Payments in Emerging Markets.
IT Prof., 2012

Cloud Computing in India.
IT Prof., 2012

Understanding Emergent Processes within New Product Development Teams.
Proceedings of the 18th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2012

Improving Open Source Software Maintenance.
J. Comput. Inf. Syst., 2010

The Economics of Click Fraud.
IEEE Secur. Priv., 2010

Cloud Computing in Developing Economies.
Computer, 2010

Positive externality, increasing returns, and the rise in cybercrimes.
Commun. ACM, 2009

The Development of Information and Communication Technology Standards in China: A Historical Analysis.
Proceedings of the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, 2008

Increasing Returns and the Diffusion of Linux in China.
IT Prof., 2007

The Adoption of E-Business by Organizations in China: An Institutional Perspective.
Electron. Mark., 2007

Barriers to e-commerce and competitive business models in developing countries: A case study.
Electron. Commer. Res. Appl., 2007

The Simple Economics of Cybercrimes.
IEEE Secur. Priv., 2006

Structural Shifts in the Chinese Software Industry.
IEEE Softw., 2005

Diffusion pattern of Linux: An assessment on major technology dimensions.
First Monday, 2005

The Institution ICT Economic Development Nexus: Two Cases.
Proceedings of the A Conference on a Human Scale. 11th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2005

From Digital Divide to Digital Dividend.
Proceedings of the Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (5 Volumes), 2005

Economics of Linux Adoption in Developing Countries.
IEEE Softw., 2004

Technology Attribute-Diffusion Pattern Nexus: Evidence from the Early Experiences of 3G Mobile Communications.
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Electronic Business, 2004

The Osmosis Model for Studying Offshore Business Process Outsourcing.
Proceedings of the 10th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2004

Determinants of the Global Diffusion of B2B E-Commerce.
Electron. Mark., 2002

What Factors are Driving China's Mobile Diffusion?
Electron. Mark., 2002

Determinants of the Locus of Global E-Commerce.
Electron. Mark., 2001