Qian Jiang

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According to our database1, Qian Jiang authored at least 91 papers between 2015 and 2024.

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DMF-Net: A Dual Remote Sensing Image Fusion Network Based on Multiscale Convolutional Dense Connectivity With Performance Measure.
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A Restoration Scheme for Spatial and Spectral Resolution of the Panchromatic Image Using the Convolutional Neural Network.
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TAN-GFD: generalizing face forgery detection based on texture information and adaptive noise mining.
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Refugee Resettlement by Extending Group Multirole Assignment.
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An unsupervised multi-focus image fusion method based on Transformer and U-Net.
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F-UNet++: Remote Sensing Image Fusion Based on Multipurpose Adaptive Shuffle Attention and Composite Multi-Input Reconstruction Network.
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Asymmetric Cylindrical Coils Design for Uniform Magnetic Field.
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Active Pose Relocalization for Intelligent Substation Inspection Robot.
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Agent Evaluation in Deployment of Multi-SUAVs for Communication Recovery.
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A Multifocus Image Fusion Scheme Based on Similarity Measure of Transformed Isosceles Triangles Between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets.
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A Deep Multitask Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution and Colorization.
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How to Analyze the Neurodynamic Characteristics of Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks? A Theoretical Analysis and Case Study of Intersecting Cortical Model.
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Quasi Group Role Assignment With Role Awareness in Self-Service Spatiotemporal Crowdsourcing.
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MC-LCR: Multimodal contrastive classification by locally correlated representations for effective face forgery detection.
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Color multi-focus image fusion based on transfer learning.
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FFR_FD: Effective and fast detection of DeepFakes via feature point defects.
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Semantic key generation based on natural language.
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