Fei Liu

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Can Large Language Models do Analytical Reasoning?
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Identifying Factual Inconsistency in Summaries: Towards Effective Utilization of Large Language Model.
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Factuality of Large Language Models in the Year 2024.
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L-AutoDA: Leveraging Large Language Models for Automated Decision-based Adversarial Attacks.
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Computing in the Era of Large Generative Models: From Cloud-Native to AI-Native.
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Algorithm Evolution Using Large Language Model.
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RRescue: Ranking LLM Responses to Enhance Reasoning Over Context.
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Large Language Model for Multi-objective Evolutionary Optimization.
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Real-to-Sim Deformable Object Manipulation: Optimizing Physics Models with Residual Mappings for Robotic Surgery.
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Achieving Autonomous Cloth Manipulation with Optimal Control via Differentiable Physics-Aware Regularization and Safety Constraints.
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Score Mismatching for Generative Modeling.
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PaniniQA: Enhancing Patient Education Through Interactive Question Answering.
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ORRN: An ODE-based Recursive Registration Network for Deformable Respiratory Motion Estimation with Lung 4DCT Images.
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Matrix Factorization Based Blind Bayesian Receiver for Grant-Free Random Access in mmWave MIMO mMTC.
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Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problem: A Survey and Recent Advances.
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Redactable Blockchain From Decentralized Chameleon Hash Functions.
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Downhole Microseismic Monitoring Using FOSS and Its Field Test Comparison With Moving-Coil Geophone.
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XAuth: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Cross-Domain Authentication.
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Liquid Metal Based Nano-Composites for Printable Stretchable Electronics.
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Skeleton-Based Human Pose Recognition Using Channel State Information: A Survey.
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A Dual w-Test Based Quality Control Algorithm for Integrated IMU/GNSS Navigation in Urban Areas.
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Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Land Surface Albedo and Its Influencing Factors in the Qilian Mountains, Northeastern Tibetan Plateau.
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Securing content-based image retrieval on the cloud using generative models.
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Multirobot Adaptive Task Allocation of Intelligent Warehouse Based on Evolutionary Strategy.
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Sparse point-voxel aggregation network for efficient point cloud semantic segmentation.
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Even Order Explicit Symplectic Geometric Algorithms for Quaternion Kinematical Differential Equation in Guidance Navigation and Control via Diagonal Padè Approximation and Cayley Transform.
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Vision-based localization methods under GPS-denied conditions.
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Suture Thread Spline Reconstruction from Endoscopic Images for Robotic Surgery with Reliability-driven Keypoint Detection.
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Multi-task Learning for Monocular Depth and Defocus Estimations with Real Images.
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Recurrent Affine Transformation for Text-to-image Synthesis.
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Reducing Model Jitter: Stable Re-training of Semantic Parsers in Production Environments.
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Precise Point Spread Function Estimation.
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Partition of Interval-Valued Observations Using Regression.
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Smart management system in electric market considering customer demand response.
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