Rajagopalan Srinivasan

According to our database1, Rajagopalan Srinivasan authored at least 67 papers between 1991 and 2019.

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Recent developments towards enhancing process safety: Inherent safety and cognitive engineering.
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Agent-oriented simulation framework for handling disruptions in chemical supply chains.
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Quantifying situation awareness of control room operators using eye-gaze behavior.
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Eye gaze movement studies of control room operators: A novel approach to improve process safety.
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Fleet sizing in chemical supply chains using agent-based simulation.
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A hybrid CPU-Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) approach for computationally efficient simulation-optimization.
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Sustainability trends in the process industries: A text mining-based analysis.
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Implementation of multi agents based system for process supervision in large-scale chemical plants.
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Optimal variable selection for effective statistical process monitoring.
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Quantifying the effectiveness of an alarm management system through human factors studies.
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An efficient graph theory based method to identify every minimal reaction set in a metabolic network.
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HealthSCOPE: An Interactive Distributed Data Mining Framework for Scalable Prediction of Healthcare Costs.
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Computing fuzzy rough approximations in large scale information systems.
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PSE-2012 special issue.
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An inseparability metric to identify a small number of key variables for improved process monitoring.
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An ontology for distributed process supervision of large-scale chemical plants.
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Novel genetic algorithm for short-term scheduling of sequence dependent changeovers in multiproduct polymer plants.
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Graph theory augmented math programming approach to identify minimal reaction sets in metabolic networks.
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Sequential methodology for integrated optimization of energy and water use during batch process scheduling.
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A knowledge-based simulation-optimization framework and system for sustainable process operations.
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A combined heuristic and indicator-based methodology for design of sustainable chemical process plants.
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Evaluation of decision fusion strategies for effective collaboration among heterogeneous fault diagnostic methods.
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A scan cell architecture for inter-clock at-speed delay testing.
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Critical evaluation of image processing approaches for real-time crystal size measurements.
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Multi-model based real-time final product quality control strategy for batch processes.
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An adjoined multi-model approach for monitoring batch and transient operations.
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From PSE to PSE<sup>2</sup> - Decision support for resilient enterprises.
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Critical evaluation of paradigms for modelling integrated supply chains.
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Supply chain redesign through optimal asset management and capital budgeting.
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Decision support for integrated refinery supply chains: Part 2. Design and operation.
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Online monitoring of multi-phase batch processes using phase-based multivariate statistical process control.
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Principal components analysis based methodology to identify differentially expressed genes in time-course microarray data.
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Unbiased Stratification of Left Ventricles.
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Artificial intelligence methodologies for agile refining: an overview.
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A model-based rescheduling framework for managing abnormal supply chain events.
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Evaluating refinery supply chain policies and investment decisions through simulation-optimization.
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Using the OPC Standard for Real-Time Process Monitoring and Control.
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Neural network systems for multi-dimensional temporal pattern classification.
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A framework for managing transitions in chemical plants.
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A Bayesian Approach for Integrating Transcription Regulation and Gene Expression: Application to <i>Saccharomyces Cerevisiae</i> Cell Cycle Data.
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