Roberto Colombo

According to our database1, Roberto Colombo authored at least 36 papers between 1986 and 2020.

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Multi-Scale Evaluation of Drone-Based Multispectral Surface Reflectance and Vegetation Indices in Operational Conditions.
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Quantifying Chlorophyll Fluorescence Parameters from Hyperspectral Reflectance at the Leaf Scale under Various Nitrogen Treatment Regimes in Winter Wheat.
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Spectral Diversity Successfully Estimates the α-Diversity of Biocrust-Forming Lichens.
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Development of a System Architecture for Evaluation and Training of Proprioceptive Deficits of the Upper Limb.
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The 2013 FLEX - US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA.
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Surface Reflectance and Sun-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurements Using a Small Hyperspectral UAS.
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Remote Sensing-Based Assessment of the 2005-2011 Bamboo Reproductive Event in the Arakan Mountain Range and Its Relation with Wildfires.
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Comparison of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Estimates Obtained from Four Portable Field Spectroradiometers.
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Mapping Submerged Habitats and Mangroves of Lampi Island Marine National Park (Myanmar) from in Situ and Satellite Observations.
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Automotive electronics: Application & technology megatrends.
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A Simple Robotic System for Neurorehabilitation.
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Aplicação de jogo de empresas: um experimento com geração randômica de cenários em sistemas dinâmicos.
PhD thesis, 2003

Computer-assisted mathematical analysis of sigmoid biological events.
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