Saptarshi Das

According to our database1, Saptarshi Das authored at least 80 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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Delay Handling Method in Dominant Pole Placement Based PID Controller Design.
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Policy Adaptation in Hierarchical Attribute-based Access Control Systems.
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Improving the efficiency and robustness of nested sampling using posterior repartitioning.
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Data mining methodology employing artificial intelligence and a probabilistic approach for energy-efficient structural health monitoring with noisy and delayed signals.
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ABACaaS: Attribute-Based Access Control as a Service.
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Multimodal Functional and Structural Brain Connectivity Analysis in Autism: A Preliminary Integrated Approach With EEG, fMRI, and DTI.
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Performance analysis of robust stable PID controllers using dominant pole placement for SOPTD process models.
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Artificial neural network based modelling approach for municipal solid waste gasification in a fluidized bed reactor.
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Hybrid Wavelet and EMD/ICA Approach for Artifact Suppression in Pervasive EEG.
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Evolving Chaos: Identifying New Attractors of the Generalised Lorenz Family.
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Using Gini Impurity to Mine Attribute-based Access Control Policies with Environment Attributes.
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A scalable pulse protocol for structural health monitoring.
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Fast GPU-Based Seismogram Simulation From Microseismic Events in Marine Environments Using Heterogeneous Velocity Models.
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Comparison of Decision Tree Based Classification Strategies to Detect External Chemical Stimuli from Raw and Filtered Plant Electrical Response.
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Replication and Resubmission Based Adaptive Decision for Fault Tolerance in Real Time Cloud Computing: A New Approach.

Towards a Global Controller Design for Guaranteed Synchronization of Switched Chaotic Systems.
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Multi-objective Active Control Policy Design for Commensurate and Incommensurate Fractional Order Chaotic Financial Systems.
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Symbolic Representation for Analog Realization of A Family of Fractional Order Controller Structures via Continued Fraction Expansion.
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On the Existence of Synchrostates in Multichannel EEG Signals during Face-perception Tasks.
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Multi-objective LQR with Optimum Weight Selection to Design FOPID Controllers for Delayed Fractional Order Processes.
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Missile Attitude Control via a Hybrid LQG-LTR-LQI Control Scheme with Optimum Weight Selection.
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Control Strategy for Anaesthetic Drug Dosage with Interaction Among Human Physiological Organs Using Optimal Fractional Order PID Controller.
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Through-Substrate Event Reporting Using Harvested Energy in Ultrasound Sensor Networks.
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On the Mixed H2/H Loop-Shaping Tradeoffs in Fractional-Order Control of the AVR System.
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Extending the concept of analog Butterworth filter for fractional order systems.
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Global solar irradiation prediction using a multi-gene genetic programming approach.
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When Darwin meets Lorenz: Evolving new chaotic attractors through genetic programming.
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Classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Supervised Learning of Brain Connectivity Measures Extracted from Synchrostates.
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Frequency Domain Design of Fractional Order PID Controller for AVR System Using Chaotic Multi-objective Optimization.
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On the Mixed H2/H-infinity Loop Shaping Trade-offs in Fractional Order Control of the AVR System.
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Performance Comparison of Optimal Fractional Order Hybrid Fuzzy PID Controllers for Handling Oscillatory Fractional Order Processes with Dead Time.
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Fractional Order Fuzzy Control of Nuclear Reactor Power with Thermal-Hydraulic Effects in the Presence of Random Network Induced Delay and Sensor Noise having Long Range Dependence.
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Continuous Order Identification of PHWR Models Under Step-back for the Design of Hyper-damped Power Tracking Controller with Enhanced Reactor Safety.
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Fractional dynamical model for the generation of ECG like signals from filtered coupled Van-der Pol oscillators.
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Identification of Nonlinear Systems From the Knowledge Around Different Operating Conditions: A Feed-Forward Multi-Layer ANN Based Approach
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Stabilization Based Networked Predictive Controller Design for Switched Plants
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Optimized Quality Factor of Fractional Order Analog Filters with Band-Pass and Band-Stop Characteristics
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Artificial Neural Network Based Prediction of Optimal Pseudo-Damping and Meta-Damping in Oscillatory Fractional Order Dynamical Systems.
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Chaotic multi-objective optimization based design of fractional order PIλDμ controller in AVR system
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Optimizing Continued Fraction Expansion Based IIR Realization of Fractional Order Differ-Integrators with Genetic Algorithm
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Adaptive Gain and Order Scheduling of Optimal Fractional Order PIλDμ Controllers with Radial Basis Function Neural-Network
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Embedded Network Test-Bed for Validating Real-Time Control Algorithms to Ensure Optimal Time Domain Performance
CoRR, 2012

Estimation, Analysis and Smoothing of Self-Similar Network Induced Delays in Feedback Control of Nuclear Reactors
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Genetic Algorithm Based Improved Sub-Optimal Model Reduction in Nyquist Plane for Optimal Tuning Rule Extraction of PID and PIλDμ Controllers via Genetic Programming.
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Fractional Order Modeling of a PHWR Under Step-Back Condition and Control of Its Global Power with a Robust PIλDμ Controller
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Improved Model Reduction and Tuning of Fractional Order PIλDμ Controllers for Analytical Rule Extraction with Genetic Programming.
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On the Selection of Tuning Methodology of FOPID Controllers for the Control of Higher Order Processes
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Handling Packet Dropouts and Random Delays for Unstable Delayed Processes in NCS by Optimal Tuning of PIλDμ Controllers with Evolutionary Algorithms.
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Fractional Order Phase Shaper Design with Routh's Criterion for Iso-damped Control System
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Design of a Fractional Order Phase Shaper for Iso-damped Control of a PHWR under Step-back Condition
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