Tianjiang Wang

According to our database1, Tianjiang Wang authored at least 60 papers between 2008 and 2019.

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Learning deep embedding with mini-cluster loss for person re-identification.
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Deep learning with particle filter for person re-identification.
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Deep feature learning with mixed distance maximization for person Re-identification.
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Deep multi-instance learning for end-to-end person re-identification.
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Research on multi-camera information fusion method for intelligent perception.
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Bi-branch deconvolution-based convolutional neural network for image classification.
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Combined salience based person re-identification.
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Modeling spatio-temporal layout with Lie Algebrized Gaussians for action recognition.
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An advanced association of particle filtering and kernel based object tracking.
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Action recognition using lie algebrized gaussians over dense local spatio-temporal features.
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Particle filter with spline resampling and global transition model.
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A modular neural network architecture with concept.
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Multi-Agent Group Programming Based On Co-evolution.
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