Vincent Wertz

According to our database1, Vincent Wertz authored at least 35 papers between 1984 and 2011.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Choosing the Metric: A Simple Model Approach.
Proceedings of the Meta-Learning in Computational Intelligence, 2011

Feedback Stabilization of Infinite-Dimensional Linear Systems with Constraints on Control and its Rate.
Eur. J. Control, 2011

Dimensionality reduction by rank preservation.
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Positive stabilization of infinite-dimensional linear systems.
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Stabilization of a class of partially observed infinite-dimensional systems with control constraints.
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Nonlinear data projection on non-Euclidean manifolds with controlled trade-off between trustworthiness and continuity.
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Optimal control of coal-fired power plants using a LMI formulation.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Control Applications, 2009

Exponential Observer for a Class of Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems with Application to a Nonisothermal Tubular Reactor.
Proceedings of the ICINCO 2008, 2008

Nonlinear data projection on a sphere with controlled trade-off between trustworthiness and continuity.
Proceedings of the ESANN 2008, 2008

Implementation of SISO robust predictive control to a three tanks system.
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The Concentration of Fractional Distances.
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Resampling methods for parameter-free and robust feature selection with mutual information.
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A Functional Approach to Variable Selection in Spectrometric Problems.
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The permutation test for feature selection by mutual information.
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Fast bootstrap methodology for regression model selection.
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Vector quantization: a weighted version for time-series forecasting.
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Non-Euclidean metrics for similarity search in noisy datasets.
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Fast bootstrap for least-square support vector machines.
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Multiobjective fuzzy linear programming problems with fuzzy decision variables.
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On the Effects of Dimensionality on Data Analysis with Neural Networks.
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Nonlinear Time Series Prediction by Weighted Vector Quantization.
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Model Selection with Cross-Validations and Bootstraps - Application to Time Series Prediction with RBFN Models.
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Fast approximation of the bootstrap for model selection.
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Forecasting electricity consumption using nonlinear projection and self-organizing maps.
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Robust stabilization of a nonlinear cement mill model.
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Using genetic algorithms to optimize the design parameters of generalized predictive controllers.
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Input data reduction for the prediction of financial time series.
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Time series forecasting using CCA and Kohonen maps - application to electricity consumption.
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Multivariable nonlinear predictive control of cement mills.
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Extraction of intrinsic dimension using CCA - Application to blind sources separation.
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Enhancing the Robustness of GPC via a Simple Choice of the Youla Parameter.
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ESPION: An expert system for system identification.
Automatica, 1990

Application of Clarke-Gawthrop type controllers for the bottom temperature of a glass furnace.
Automatica, 1987

Uniquely identifiable state-space and ARMA parametrizations for multivariable linear systems.
Automatica, 1984