Xiang Shi

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According to our database1, Xiang Shi authored at least 67 papers between 2010 and 2024.

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Integrity verification for scientific papers: The first exploration of the text.
Expert Syst. Appl., March, 2024

A Novel Fulfillment-Focused Simultaneous Assignment Method for Large-Scale Order Picking Optimization Problem in RMFS.
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ACEK Biosensor for the Minute-Scale Quantification of Breast Cancer ctDNA.
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Review of Chemical Sensors for Hydrogen Sulfide Detection in Organisms and Living Cells.
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Know Where to Go: Make LLM a Relevant, Responsible, and Trustworthy Searcher.
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Leveraging Spatial and Temporal Correlations for Network Traffic Compression.
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FISCO-BCOS: An Enterprise-grade Permissioned Blockchain System with High-performance.
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Automatic Construction of Technology Function Matrix (short paper).
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Design and Implementation of Survey and Design Enterprise File Sorting System.
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I Understand You: Blind 3D Human Attention Inference From the Perspective of Third-Person.
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Improving Text-to-SQL with Schema Dependency Learning.
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High-performance vibration isolation technique using passive negative stiffness and semiactive damping.
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Customer classification based on spatial transition probability and Deep Forest.
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VMBKS: a shared memory cache system based on booting kernel in cloud.
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Decision Support System for Variable Rate Irrigation Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing.
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Walker: Continuous and Precise Navigation by Fusing GNSS and MEMS in Smartphone Chipsets for Pedestrians.
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A comparative study of vibration isolation performance using negative stiffness and inerter dampers.
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Can quantitative finance benefit from IoT?
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