Fang Deng

According to our database1, Fang Deng authored at least 50 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Long-Range Binocular Vision Target Geolocation Using Handheld Electronic Devices in Outdoor Environment.
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Robust formation control for unmanned helicopters with collision avoidance.
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Data augmentation in fault diagnosis based on the Wasserstein generative adversarial network with gradient penalty.
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A Fast Distributed Variational Bayesian Filtering for Multisensor LTV System With Non-Gaussian Noise.
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Multisource Energy Harvesting System for a Wireless Sensor Network Node in the Field Environment.
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Multidimensional zero-crossing interval points: a low sampling rate acoustic fingerprint recognition method.
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A differential game for cooperative target defense.
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Tender Tea Shoots Recognition and Positioning for Picking Robot Using Improved YOLO-V3 Model.
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Enhancing Keyword Suggestion of Web Search by Leveraging Microblog Data.
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A comparison study of clustering algorithms for microblog posts.
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Dimensions of spline spaces over non-rectangular T-meshes.
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An NN-Based SRD Decomposition Algorithm and Its Application in Nonlinear Compensation.
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A Threat Assessment Method Based on Hierarchies and Modules.
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