Albert Cabellos-Aparicio

According to our database1, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio authored at least 89 papers between 2002 and 2018.

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OrthoNoC: A Broadcast-Oriented Dual-Plane Wireless Network-on-Chip Architecture.
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Medium Access Control in Wireless Network-on-Chip: A Context Analysis.
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A machine learning-based approach for virtual network function modeling.
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MAC-oriented programmable terahertz PHY via graphene-based Yagi-Uda antennas.
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Understanding the Modeling of Computer Network Delays using Neural Networks.
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Millimeter-Wave Propagation within a Computer Chip Package.
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Study of hybrid and pure plasmonic terahertz antennas based on graphene guided-wave structures.
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Programmable Overlays via OpenOverlayRouter.
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Global State, Local Decisions: Decentralized NFV for ISPs via Enhanced SDN.
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Knowledge-Defined Networking.
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Graphene-Based terahertz antennas for area-constrained applications.
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Machine learning-based network modeling: An artificial neural network model vs a theoretical inspired model.
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An Analytical Model for Loc/ID Mappings Caches.
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Area Model and Dimensioning Guidelines of Multisource Energy Harvesting for Nano-Micro Interface.
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On signaling power: Communications over wireless energy.
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WiSync: An Architecture for Fast Synchronization through On-Chip Wireless Communication.
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Time-Domain Analysis of Graphene-Based Miniaturized Antennas for Ultra-Short-Range Impulse Radio Communications.
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On the scalability of LISP mappings caches.
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An evolutionary path for the evolved packet system.
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A Vertical Methodology for the Design Space Exploration of Graphene-enabled Wireless Communications.
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Location and identity privacy for LISP-MN.
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Leveraging Deliberately Generated Interferences for Multi-Sensor Wireless RF Power Transmission.
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Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) Network Element Deployment Considerations.
RFC, April, 2014

Cooperative signal amplification for molecular communication in nanonetworks.
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N3Sim: Simulation framework for diffusion-based molecular communication nanonetworks.
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2014

Energy Buffer Dimensioning Through Energy-Erlangs in Spatio-Temporal-Correlated Energy-Harvesting-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Lcast: Software-defined inter-domain multicast.
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LISP-ROAM: network-based host mobility with LISP.
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A collaborative P2P scheme for NAT Traversal Server discovery based on topological information.
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