Xiaojuan Wang

According to our database1, Xiaojuan Wang authored at least 34 papers between 2008 and 2018.

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Nucleotide-Based Significance of Somatic Synonymous Mutations for Pan-Cancer.
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Investigating Alzheimer's Disease Candidate Genes Based on Combined Network Using Subnetwork Extraction Algorithms.
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Virtual Mapping of Software Defined Wireless Network Based on Topological Perception.
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Supervised Quantization for Similarity Search.
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An applicable testability framework for small satellite under the operational response space.
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An improved multi-objective genetic algorithm for fuzzy flexible job-shop scheduling problem.
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Effect of alkali metal ions co-doping on the structure and luminescent properties of phosphor Zn3(BO3)2: Eu3+.
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A joint sparse wavelet coefficient extraction and adaptive noise reduction method in recovery of weak bearing fault features from a multi-component signal mixture.
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