Lei Jin

According to our database1, Lei Jin authored at least 36 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Detection of power grid disturbances and cyber-attacks based on machine learning.
J. Inf. Sec. Appl., 2019

Network Intrusion Detection: Based on Deep Hierarchical Network and Original Flow Data.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Full-Freedom Wireless Power Transfer for Spheroid Joints.
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Cycling Induced Trap Generation and Recovery Near the Top Select Gate Transistor in 3D NAND.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, 2019

The α-Representation Inexact T2 Fuzzy Sets Programming Model for Water Resources Management of the Southern Min River Basin under Uncertainty.
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Predicting 3D structure and stability of RNA pseudoknots in monovalent and divalent ion solutions.
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Robust linear programming with IT2 rough coefficients.
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Malicious behaviour classification in web logs based on an improved Xgboost algorithm.
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A Systematic Framework for Malicious Traffic Detection Based on Feature Repository.
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Anomaly Detection in the Web Logs Using Unsupervised Algorithm.
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Association Rule Based Clustering of Electronic Resources in University Digital Library.
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A Novel Strategy to Eliminate the Influence of Water Adsorption on Quartz Surfaces on Piezoelectric Dynamometers.
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Vibration Sensitivity Reduction of Micromachined Tuning Fork Gyroscopes through Stiffness Match Method with Negative Electrostatic Spring Effect.
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Design and Vibration Sensitivity Analysis of a MEMS Tuning Fork Gyroscope with an Anchored Diamond Coupling Mechanism.
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On Extensions over Semigroups and Applications.
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Small-time local controllability of spacecraft attitude using control moment gyros.
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Research on Rootkit Detection Model Based on Intelligent Optimization Algorithm in the Virtualization Environment.
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Parallel Training GBRT Based on KMeans Histogram Approximation for Big Data.
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A study of hierarchical cloud resource pricing.
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Understanding the Evolution of Cooperation in Distributed Systems.
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A Portable Random Key Predistribution Scheme for Distributed Sensor Network.
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A new MCDM method combining QFD with TOPSIS for knowledge management system selection from the user's perspective in intuitionistic fuzzy environment.
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Training Large Scale Deep Neural Networks on the Intel Xeon Phi Many-Core Coprocessor.
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A Comfortable THz Source for Biological Effect.
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Content-adpative H.264 rate control for live screencasting.
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The experiment study on infrared radiation spectrum of human body.
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The treatment effects of HET0016 on demyelinating Mice induced by cuprizone.
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The optimal interval combination forecasting model based on closeness degree and IOWHA operator under the uncertain environment.
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A data-driven test to compare two or multiple time series.
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A type-II fuzzy optimization model for municipal solid waste management.
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A multistage scenario-based inexact fuzzy-stochastic chance-constrained programming for water resources management under uncertainty.
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Content-based blind compensation and shaping for streaming video.
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Secure Dataspace with Access Policies.
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A Multi-Dimensional K-Anonymity Model for Hierarchical Data.
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Explaining Cybermediation: An Organizational Analysis of Electronic Retailing.
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