Xiaojun Zhou

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  • authored at least 43 papers between 2003 and 2018.
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Fractional-order PID controller tuning using continuous state transition algorithm.
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A dynamic state transition algorithm with application to sensor network localization.
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A Discrete State Transition Algorithm for Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem
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A Multiobjective State Transition Algorithm for Single Machine Scheduling
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Research on the Multi-scale Electronic Map Overlaying and Rendering in Global 3D Terrain Environment.
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Improved Canonical Dual Algorithms for the Maxcut Problem
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Discrete State Transition Algorithm for Unconstrained Integer Optimization Problems
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Initial version of State Transition Algorithm
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State Transition Algorithm
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Modeling and optimizing maintenance schedule for energy systems subject to degradation.
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Initial Version of State Transition Algorithm.
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Identifying source(s) of out-of-control signals in multivariate manufacturing processes using selective neural network ensemble.
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New Product Design Based Target Cost Control with BP Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm - A Case Study in Chinese Automobile Industry.
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