Xiaolong Liang

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According to our database1, Xiaolong Liang authored at least 46 papers between 2007 and 2024.

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From cadCAD to casCAD2: A Mechanism Validation and Verification System for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Based on Parallel Intelligence.
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Trustworthy Intelligent Vehicle Systems Based on TRUE Autonomous Organizations and Operations: A New Perspective.
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SN-1DcycleGAN: An Unsupervised Learning-Based Network for Sleeper Interference Suppression in Ballasted Track GPR Data.
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An Autonomous Cooperative Interception Method With Angle Constraints Using a Swarm of UAVs.
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Hierarchical Decision-Making Framework for Multiple UCAVs Autonomous Confrontation.
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Identification of Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients on Chest CT Images Using Transformer-Based or Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Models.
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From DAO to TAO: Finding The Essence of Decentralization.
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Management-Oriented Operating Systems: Harnessing the Power of DAOs and Foundation Models.
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TAO-Based Data Governance in Intelligent Transportation Systems.
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Trusted Data Storage Architecture for National Infrastructure.
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Deep Learning Data Privacy Protection Based on Homomorphic Encryption in AIoT.
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Adaptive output feedback control for a class of non-affine nonlinear systems.
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A Heuristic SAT Problems Solving Method based on LSTM Network.
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Parallel Governance for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations enabled by Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
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Detection Algorithm of BPSK Signal of Parameter-Adjusted Bistable Stochastic Resonance Model Based on Scale Change.
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Reconnaissance Mission Conducted by UAV Swarms Based on Distributed PSO Path Planning Algorithms.
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Time-Coordinated Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm Cooperative Attack on Ground-Moving Target.
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Time-Varying Formation Control For Second-Order Discrete-Time Multi- Agent Systems With Switching Topologies and Nonuniform Communication Delays.
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Time-Varying Formation Control for Second-Order Discrete-Time Multi-Agent Systems With Directed Topology and Communication Delay.
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Design and Experiment of Autonomous Flight UAS Geofence Algorithm.
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Solution and Optimization of Aircraft Swarm Cooperating Anti-Stealth Formation Configuration.
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Performance analysis for TDOA localization using UAVs with flight disturbances.
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The Threat-Evading Actions of Animal Swarms without Active Defense Abilities.
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