Xiaolin Liu

According to our database1, Xiaolin Liu authored at least 45 papers between 1993 and 2020.

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Modified Hierarchical Multiscale Dispersion Entropy and its Application to Fault Identification of Rotating Machinery.
IEEE Access, 2020

A Joint Algorithm for Carrier Phase and Timing Synchronization in Non-binary LDPC Coded CPM Systems.
Proceedings of the ICDSP 2020: 4th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, 2020

Challenge Collapsar (CC) Attack Traffic Detection Based on Packet Field Differentiated Preprocessing and Deep Neural Network.
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A Resistorless High-Precision Compensated CMOS Bandgap Voltage Reference.
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Topographic Reconfiguration of Local and Shared Information in Anesthetic-Induced Unconsciousness.
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Human Action Recognition Using Improved Sparse Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model and Hidden Conditional Random Filed.
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Propofol attenuates low-frequency fluctuations of resting-state fMRI BOLD signal in the anterior frontal cortex upon loss of consciousness.
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A parallel C4.5 decision tree algorithm based on MapReduce.
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Fine-Grained Parcellation of Brain Connectivity Improves Differentiation of States of Consciousness During Graded Propofol Sedation.
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Objectness to assist salient object detection.
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phRAIDER: Pattern-Hunter based Rapid Ab Initio Detection of Elementary Repeats.
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Wavelet-Based Multi-Exposure Image Fusion.
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Modeling the Process of ICT in K-12 Schools by Analyzing Typical Exemplars in Global Context.
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Designing Authentic Learning to Meet the Challenges of Digital Natives in First-Year Program: An Action Research in Chinese University.
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Small infrared target detection using frequency-spatial cues in a single image.
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The Global Existence of Solutions in Time for a Chemotaxis Model with Two Chemicals.
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