Xiaojun Chen

According to our database1, Xiaojun Chen authored at least 63 papers between 1995 and 2020.

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Computation of second-order directional stationary points for group sparse optimization.
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Detection, segmentation, simulation and visualization of aortic dissections: A review.
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An Improved Convolutional Neural Network Based Approach for Automated Heartbeat Classification.
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A High Precision Real-time Premature Ventricular Contraction Assessment Method based on the Complex Feature Set.
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The Shortley-Weller scheme for variable coefficient two-point boundary value problems and its application to tumor growth problem with heterogeneous microenvironment.
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A review: Knowledge reasoning over knowledge graph.
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SDT: An integrated model for open-world knowledge graph reasoning.
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A Distributed Training Algorithm of Generative Adversarial Networks with Quantized Gradients.
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Incorporating Uncertain Segmentation Information into Chinese NER for Social Media Text.
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Automatic robot-world calibration in an optical-navigated surgical robot system and its application for oral implant placement.
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An approach to automated measuring morphological parameters of proximal femora on three-dimensional models.
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CLTS: A New Chinese Long Text Summarization Dataset.
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A Noise Adaptive Model for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction.
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A comprehensive workflow and framework for immersive virtual endoscopy of dissected aortae from CTA data.
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IRIS: interactive real-time feedback image segmentation with deep learning.
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Unsupervised Deep Hashing with Structured Similarity Learning.
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STransH: 一种改进的基于翻译模型的知识表示模型 (STransH: A Revised Translation-based Model for Knowledge Representation).
计算机科学, 2019

Application of grey entropy weight cluster in clinical department sorting.
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Applying GRA to analyze influencing factors of patients' financial burden.
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Prediction of Extubation Failure for Intensive Care Unit Patients Using Light Gradient Boosting Machine.
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Triple Trustworthiness Measurement for Knowledge Graph.
Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference, 2019

A coarse-grained password model with memorable unit-based recurrent neural networks.
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Transformer and Multi-scale Convolution for Target-Oriented Sentiment Analysis.
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E-Embed: A time series visualization framework based on earth mover's distance.
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TTMF: A Triple Trustworthiness Measurement Frame for Knowledge Graphs.
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Supervised Neural Models Revitalize the Open Relation Extraction.
CoRR, 2018

Clinical evaluation of semi-automatic opensource algorithmic software segmentation of the mandibular bone: Practical feasibility and assessment of a new course of action.
CoRR, 2018

In-depth Assessment of an Interactive Graph-based Approach for the Segmentation for Pancreatic Metastasis in Ultrasound Acquisitions of the Liver with two Specialists in Internal Medicine.
CoRR, 2018

An accurate resource scheduling system for virtual machines based on CPU load monitoring and assessment.
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A patient-specific haptic drilling simulator based on virtual reality for dental implant surgery.
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Attention-Based RNN Model for Joint Extraction of Intent and Word Slot Based on a Tagging Strategy.
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A Parallel Iterative Algorithm for Differential Linear Complementarity Problems.
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Vertebral body segmentation with GrowCut: Initial experience, workflow and practical application.
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Computer-aided position planning of miniplates to treat facial bone defects.
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Interactive Outlining of Pancreatic Cancer Liver Metastases in Ultrasound Images.
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HTC Vive MeVisLab integration via OpenVR for medical applications.
CoRR, 2017

Interactive reconstructions of cranial 3D implants under MeVisLab as an alternative to commercial planning software.
CoRR, 2017

Computer-aided implant design for the restoration of cranial defects.
CoRR, 2017

Development of a computer-aided design software for dental splint in orthognathic surgery.
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Interactive planning of miniplates.
Proceedings of the Medical Imaging 2017: Image-Guided Procedures, 2017

Algorithmic evaluation of lower jawbone segmentations.
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Development of a patient-specific surgical simulator based on virtual reality.
Proceedings of the 10th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 2017

Software solution of medical grey relational method based on SAS environment.
Grey Syst. Theory Appl., 2016

US-Cut: Interactive Algorithm for rapid Detection and Segmentation of Liver Tumors in Ultrasound Acquisitions.
CoRR, 2016

A semi-automatic computer-aided method for surgical template design.
CoRR, 2016

Image-guided installation of 3D-printed patient-specific implant and its application in pelvic tumor resection and reconstruction surgery.
Comput. Methods Programs Biomed., 2016

Development of preoperative planning software for transforaminal endoscopic surgery and the guidance for clinical applications.
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Computer-aided planning and reconstruction of cranial 3D implants.
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Development of a surgical navigation system based on augmented reality using an optical see-through head-mounted display.
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Method of fetal electrocardiogram extraction based on <i>ν</i>-support vector regression.
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Interactive Volumetry Of Liver Ablation Zones.
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Application of a Hybrid Method Combining Grey Model and Back Propagation Artificial Neural Networks to Forecast Hepatitis B in China.
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RFA-cut: Semi-automatic segmentation of radiofrequency ablation zones with and without needles via optimal s-t-cuts.
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Development of an open source software module for enhanced visualization during MR-guided interstitial gynecologic brachytherapy.
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Approximate Entropy Detection Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio.
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Multi-level Linguistic Knowledge Based Chinese Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion.
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Team learning developing interdisciplinary project teams.
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Expressions of critical thinking in role-playing simulations: comparisons across roles.
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