Xu Wu

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  • authored at least 46 papers between 1989 and 2018.
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Analysis of Resonance Asymmetry Phenomenon in Resonant Fiber Optic Gyro.
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Kriging-based inverse uncertainty quantification of nuclear fuel performance code BISON fission gas release model using time series measurement data.
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State Estimation for General Complex Dynamical Networks with Incompletely Measured Information.
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An Experimental Research Facing to the Humanity Design of HUD Failure Alerts.
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Discussion about traditional Chinese medicine causes, pathogenesis and distribution of syndromes of primary dysmenorrhea among female college students based on questionnaire investigation.
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Steady-state control for signalized intersections modeled as switched server system.
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A distributed trust management model for mobile P2P networks.
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An Improved Mixed Gas Pipeline Multivariable Decoupling Control Method Based on ADRC Technology.
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A Quantifying Metric for Privacy Protection Based on Information Theory.
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Research on tourist map visualization based on color images.
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