Xueping Li

According to our database1, Xueping Li authored at least 39 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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A Novel Linear Spectrum Frequency Feature Extraction Technique for Warship Radio Noise Based on Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise, Duffing Chaotic Oscillator, and Weighted-Permutation Entropy.
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Complex Dynamical Behaviors in a Spring-Block Model with Periodic Perturbation.
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A Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Multi-Population for Economic Dispatch Problems With Valve-Point Effects.
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A Granular Computing Method for Economic Dispatch Problems With Valve-Point Effects.
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A sample average approximation approach for supply chain network design with facility disruptions.
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Cooperative maximal covering models for humanitarian relief chain management.
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An Agent-based simulation Framework for supply Chain disruptions and Facility fortification.
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Study on the Channel Characteristics of Auxiliary Medical Devices Based on MDAPSK Technology.
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Distance matrix based heuristics to minimize makespan of parallel batch processing machines with arbitrary job sizes and release times.
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An agent based model for joint placement of PV panels and green roofs.
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Bifurcations in a Seasonally Forced Predator-Prey Model with Generalized Holling Type IV Functional Response.
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Method to decide a multi-fault rush repair robust strategy in power distribution networks.
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The overview of research progress of the relationship between HBP and inspection information.
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A hybrid differential evolution algorithm for multiple container loading problem with heterogeneous containers.
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Earliness-tardiness minimization on scheduling a batch processing machine with non-identical job sizes.
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An Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the 3D Bin Packing Problem with Various Bin Sizes.
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A comparative analysis of management accounting systems' impact on lean implementation.
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Simulating a Contract Closeout Process.

Designing intelligent agents to support long-term partnership in two echelon e-Supply Networks.
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Reinforcement learning for joint pricing, lead-time and scheduling decisions in make-to-order systems.
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Makespan minimization on single batch-processing machine via ant colony optimization.
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Testing iCare: An Academic EHR.
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Covering models and optimization techniques for emergency response facility location and planning: a review.
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An Improved Staggered Modulation Method of 8-VSB.
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Key establishment for layered group-based Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Minimizing job completion time variance for service stability on identical parallel machines.
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Adaptive Web Presence and Evolution through Web Log Analysis.
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Effective precedence constrained scheduling in a make-to-order environment.
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Geographic and energy-aware routing in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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The Effect of Customer Segmentation on an Inventory System in the Presence of Supply Disruptions.
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