Yassin Elhillali

According to our database1, Yassin Elhillali authored at least 32 papers between 2006 and 2018.

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Efficient modelling of IEEE 802.11p MAC output process for V2X interworking enhancement.
IET Networks, 2018

Blind Spectrum Sensing Applied to IR-UWB System for ITS applications.
Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Signal, Image, Video and Communications, 2018

QoS-Based Sequential Detection Algorithm for Jamming Attacks in VANET.
Proceedings of the Future Network Systems and Security - 4th International Conference, 2018

Evaluating Experimental Measurements of the IEEE 802.11p Communication Using ARADA LocoMate OBU Device Compared to the Theoretical Simulation Results.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2017

Performance Evaluation of High Data Rate M-OAM UWB Physical Layer for Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2017

Energy Efficient Hardware and Improved Cluster-Tree Topology for Lifetime Prolongation in ZigBee Sensor Networks.
J. Sensor and Actuator Networks, 2017

Stochastic modeling of IEEE 802.11p output process for efficient V2X large-scale interworking.
Proceedings of the 24. IEEE Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology, 2017

User model-based method for IEEE 802.11p performance evaluation in vehicular safety applications.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety, 2017

Energy Efficiency Analysis of a TR-UWB System.
JCS, 2016

A Bayesian network based estimation technique for IEEE 802.11P vehicular communication systems.
Proceedings of the 2016 International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 2016

A co-design space exploration tool for avionic high performance heterogeneous embedded architectures.
Proceedings of the 11th International Design & Test Symposium, 2016

Improved Cluster-tree Topology Adapted for Indoor environement in Zigbee Sensor Network.
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Future Networks and Communications (FNC 2016) / The 13th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC 2016) / Affiliated Workshops, 2016

Auto-tuning Fault Tolerance Technique for DSP-Based Circuits in Transportation Systems.
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on RESource Awareness and Application Auto-tuning in Adaptive and heterogeNeous compuTing co-located with 19th International Conference on Design, 2016

A New Multi-user Ultra Wide Band System Based on Modified Gegenbauer Functions and M-OAM Modulation for Communication of Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Wireless Personal Communications, 2015

Experimental measurement for vehicular communication evaluation using OBU ARADA System.
Proceedings of the International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2015

Modeling transistor level masking of soft errors in combinational circuits.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE East-West Design & Test Symposium, 2015

Minimum Spanning Tree Topology in Real Zigbee-Arduino Sensor Network.
Proceedings of the Ad Hoc Networks, 2015

OFDM Transmission Performance Evaluation in V2X Communication.
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A Symbol-Based Estimation Technique for Inter-vehicular Communication Performance Optimization.
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UWB System Based on the M-OAM Modulation in IEEE.802.15.3a Channel.
Proceedings of the Technological Innovation for Collective Awareness Systems, 2014

Embedded architecture with hardware accelerator for target recognition in driver assistance system.
SIGARCH Computer Architecture News, 2011

Dynamically reconfigurable architecture for a driver assistant system.
Proceedings of the IEEE 9th Symposium on Application Specific Processors, 2011

Methods of target recognition for UWB radar.
Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), 2010

Trade-Off Exploration for Target Tracking Application in a Customized Multiprocessor Architecture.
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Driver assistance system design and its optimization for FPGA based MPSoC.
Proceedings of the IEEE 7th Symposium on Application Specific Processors, 2009

An MPSoC architecture for the Multiple Target Tracking application in driver assistant system.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, 2008

Embedded Localization and Communication System Designed for Intelligent Guided Transports.
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Averaging and oversampling correlator receiver with input quantization.
Digital Signal Processing, 2006

A Real Time Signal Processing for an Anticollision Road Radar System.
Proceedings of the 64th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2006

A Novel Multiplexing Method for High Data Rate Communication Systems.
Proceedings of the 64th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2006

A Low Speed Digital Correlator Architecture Optimized For Resource Savings.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip, 2006

A cooperative radar system for collision avoidance and communications between vehicles.
Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 2006